Moring Update on April, Tajiri the Giraffe and Allysa

Another round of Food & Beverage Participants for our SOLD OUT annual Wine for Wolves!
The area's newest food truck: Wicked Hangry
Also additional wine sip stations representing: 
Relax, Folonari, Barefoot, Yellow Tail, Woodbridge, Citra, Rex, Legendary, and more made possible by Southbridge Wines & Spirits!



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Giraffe Talk with Allysa at Animal Aventure Park


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April the Giraffe Store

April The Giraffe Store

Supporters react:

Brigitte Nadeau So happy that i will be there. Will also support 2 of your restaurant sponsors while in Binghamton…see you Saturday

Martha Fisch Darn wish I lived closer! Nine hour drive from here plus I have to work this weekend driving my big truck to just north of Baltimore then back to WV.

Sandy Angel Davis Wish I could have made it up there this past summer!

Kathy Elliott Well, wolf season opened in WY. At least 12 were killed.

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