Live Cam Today : Tajiri the Giraffe Baby and Sweet April

Tajiri the Giraffe Cam

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tajiri the giraffe cam

April the Giraffe and Allysa

Open 10 am – 5 pm
Last admissions 4 pm
Open Columbus Day 
Park closed end of day Oct 22

Supporters react:

Diane West Harris April couldn't care less what Alyssa says as long as she keeps the carrots (AND romaine!) coming

Beth Coulter Thank you Jordan and all staff. I comment on all this all the time….I am the YINZ lady from Pittsburgh Pa . I had a severe foot injury and couldn’t get up there to see yinz. I look forward everyday to seeing video and pictures! It means a lot, keeping us all updated!

Mike Man Thanks for taking your picture with me for my birthday when I visited there on 9-16-17 had a wonderful time looking forward to returning.

Teri L Howard Summers I'm so sad I wasn't able to make it to the park this year. It saddens me because I really wanted to see and touch April and see that baby.

Rae Halton Weaver I love to watch Alyssa with them. She has done such a wonderful job

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