Tajiri the Giraffe 6 Months: He is Standing Shy of 10′ Tall Today

Tajiri the Giraffe 6 Months

Happy 6 months of Life to our "not so little" Tajiri!

At 6 months of age, he is standing shy of 10' Tall!
His personality is one of independence, a nod to his father Oliver – though is genuine demeanor with guests & Keepers is a strong echo of mom, April's, personality.

Thank you to his fans, for your following and support, these past 6 months and prior. Together we continue to educate the world on the awareness of giraffes and conservation – and that is something to be proud of.

Today story:

Taj: Mama, Dad, Why can’t I have something to eat? I want some hay! (stomps foot)
April: Well son, you are not quite ready to eat hay.
Taj: Yes I am. I have tasted some from your hay showers and it is good! I eat your grain and that is good. 
Oliver: Son, you are still a little young for hay. Besides you can’t reach the feeder yet. 
Taj: That’s the problem! It is too high up! But Dad, You could give me some or Mama could!

April: Now Taj, Just how do you expect us to do that?
April: It is a g) you can do a hay shower Mama, or Dad, you could get some in your mou th and give me some. ….
*swaOliver: Well …. that is a thought…. Your Mom makes me give her all the carrots and trys to steal all the hay as it is…. But then, what will I eat????
April: I do NOT steal all of the hay Oliver! You know darn well that this is a shared feeder. You can get as much hay as you want. Just because you are slow….
Oliver: I don’t grab a whole hunk like you do April!
April: A whole hunk? Why I just take a little bite for a hay shower.
Taj: Mom! Dad! This is not about who eats all the hay, this is about giving ME some!
April: Your right dear, but you are still a little young for hay. Maybe in another month or two, when you are older.
Taj: (muttering) When I am older, when I am older. All I hear is When I am older. 

Oliver: Now young man! You are still a baby! You still have a lot of growing up to do! Remember all the games you play on your mother and me? Such as biting my ears and chewing her tail? Hmmmm?????
Taj: Well… Your ears are yummy Dad. And Mom’s tail was so much fun to play with the other day! It was so dangly and was just hanging there going back and forth. I could not resist!
Oliver: Well son, my ears are NOT a chew toy like a dog toy! They are not pig's ears AND they are attached to me! 

April: I felt like you were playing pin the tail on the donkey and I am NOT the donkey in this park!
Taj: Pin the tail on the donkey? What is that?
April: It is game that children play. They have a picture of a donkey and a pretend tail. They are blindfolded and try to pin the tail on the picture of the donkey. 

Taj: That sounds like fun!
April: Well you cannot play it because you do not have hands to hold a tail and my tail is already attached to me and I am NOT a donkey!
Taj: (remorsefully) I’m sorry Mama and Dad. I won’t do it again. 
Oliver: Ok Taj. We forgive you and love you. 
April: But remember, you are still a baby and have a lot of growing up to do.

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