Tajiri the Giraffe 6 Months Live Cam 10/15

Tajiri the Giraffe 6 Months Live Cam

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Happy 6 months of Life to our "not so little" Tajiri!

At 6 months of age, he is standing shy of 10' Tall!
His personality is one of independence, a nod to his father Oliver – though his genuine demeanor with guests & Keepers is a strong echo of mom, April's, personality.

Thank you to his fans, for your following and support, these past 6 months and prior. Together we continue to educate the world on the awareness of giraffes and conservation – and that is something to be proud of.

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Fans react to Tajiri the Giraffe 6th Month Birthday 

Theresa Mills So happy that my family and I got to go there last Sunday. Beautiful park and the animals are well loved and cared for. Loved meeting April and her family and getting to feed her and Oliver carrots. She loves getting her picture taken. Thank you AAP for making this possible and one of my happy places.

Jackie Jarvis It's been wonderful watching him being born and now growing up beautifully. It's amazing how quick he has grown. Thank you for being such a great team and for sharing so much with us x

Billie West Thank you for letting us follow this journey and for teaching us about different species of animals. I appreciate AAP and staff for the care and love you give your animals. Happy 6th Month Birthday Taj!

Becky Arnold Thank You AAP for continuing to let all of us watch this precious beautiful family! I have enjoyed all the many hours watching April until she gave birth and now watching them as a family. Oliver has been to good to them. You all are the BEST!

Carla Phillips Slape What a beautiful photo! I love getting to follow April and Taj and Oliver and watch Taj grow up!! Thank you for keeping us up to date and allowing us to keep up with them!

Carolyn Medeiros Dulong You've certainly given me a new appreciation of giraffes and I look forward to hearing soon that April is expecting again!

Normalee Gentry Thank you for posting the pictures of the giraffe mom and her son. Watched them through the birth of TAJ That was quite a lesson. Nashville Tn

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