Tajiri Giraffe Update: He tried so hard to get a piece. Lol

Tajiri Giraffe Update

Baby G: Mama, why can't giraffes fly?
Summer: Baby G, each kind of animal has its own special abilities and reasons it cannot do certain other things. 
Willie: My special ability is to charm lady giraffes into giving me all their carrots.  
Summer: Willie, my special ability is to keep your ego in check. Baby, we can run fast because of our long legs, and eat leaves from tall trees because we are the tallest mammals, and see really well because of our exceptional eyes, but we cannot fly. 
Baby G: Why not?
Summer: We are too heavy. The average weight for an adult male giraffe is 2600 pounds, and the average weight for an adult female giraffe is 1800 pounds. 
Willie: Summer, you are looking svelte. You have lost the baby weight already. Let's lose the baby along with the weight, and get busy making another baby.  
Summer: Willie, fly away and let us talk. Baby, we have no wings. Even though we have huge hearts, they are proportional to our big bodies. Birds use their wings to fly, moving them up and down. But birds are very lightweight, and have relatively large hearts compared to their body size. Those hearts enable them to move their wings fast. Heavier birds have bigger wings. 
Baby G: Why else can't giraffes fly?

Tajrii the Giraffe

Summer: Flight is also the result of body shape. The air passes easily over a body that is pointed at one end, a body which has smooth curves, and there is nothing sticking out to block the air. Birds have such bodies. Giraffe bodies are beautiful, but awkward at the same time. They were not designed by God to fly. 
Willie: Female giraffe bodies are very beautiful, but it can be awkward to get near them with fences in the way.  
Summer: Willie! That fence is not your only obstacle. You will have some awkward explaining to do if you get near any female's body other than mine!
Baby G: Can humans fly?
Summer: Not on their own. They also were not designed to fly. They have no wings. But they created machines that can fly. The machines have wings or other things to enable them to fly. The humans sit inside the machines. 
Baby G: Are the machines heavier than giraffes? How come they can fly?
Summer: Yes, the machines are heavier than giraffes but the "heart" of the machine, its engine, is much larger than a giraffe heart, and much more powerful. It can make the machine move much faster on the ground than a giraffe can run, then it moves through the air, which lifts the machine up. 
Baby G: Why can't we giraffes make flying machines?
Summer: We don't have hands, don't have the materials needed, like metal, and we don't have the attention span to do it. 
Baby G: What is an attention span?
Summer: Your attention span is how long you think about something or focus on it before you start thinking about something else. A giraffe has an attention span of only fifteen seconds. 
Baby G: If we cannot fly on our own, and we cannot make flying machines like the humans did, how can we fly?
Summer: You can pretend to fly in your mind. 
Baby G: World, let's pretend we can fly, and soar over the earth, and visit each other!


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Tajiri tried so hard to get a piece. Lol

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Tajiri Giraffe Update

April ans Oliver the Giraffe

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