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Animal Adventures with Jordan: American Bison


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Cassie Lynn Scalf OBrien Another wonderful, fact filled Adventure with Jordan. I was so glad when the Bison family were reunited and all went well. These 1st time daddies are so interesting to watch. I'm glad Jordan and his team were on hand to separate the calf from dad when things went wrong.

April The Giraffe Store

Without Jordan and his team things could have ended up much much worse. Thanks to their quick thinking and actions they were able to prevent that from happening. I never had a doubt that Jordan knew what he was doing. He always seems to know just what to do and just when it's safe to reintroduce these furry families.

Great job Jordan and all of your team of experts. You do an amazing job at keeping these animals safe and happy. Thank you for another wonderful animal lesson today. Cant wait to see what you have in store for us on Thursday.

Carol Washington We got up close and personal with bison when driving through Yellowstone last year. They are massive and I was glad we were in the car. They grazed on the side of the road and the calves were with them. You could hear them "talking" to each other.. the little ones were so cute. Thank you for sharing information on these amazing animals.

JoAnn Bailey Thank you again Jordan. On my way to work one day near the CHILOCCO INDIAN SCHOOL, OKLAHOMA. A huge male buffalo running full out across the pasture jumped the extra high fence and ran across the road to a farmers dairy farm. The school rescued him but a big event.

Linda Lear Animal Adventure Park has the giraffe cam b een taken down for good? just wondering didnt see it today. i watched it everyday, such a joy, thanks so much for sharing it for so long. i just love all three giraffes, so fun to watch and they are so special

Susan Wrbanek Thank you! Great to hear that the bison family is doing well. I had wondered if your bison family was starting to get their winter coats, and you answered that for me!


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