Tajiri the giraffe running outside around mom and dad

April and Tajiri the Giraffe Funny Story Today:

Baby G: Mom? 
April: What hon?
Baby G: I'm bored!
April: Baby G! You are too young to be bored! You are only 9 days old! There is a big world out there to learn about yet! So far you have only been in this barn and only met me, dad, Uncle Corey, Auntie Allysa, Mr. Jordan and Dr. Tim. You have seen the news crews and photographers but you have not met them. Oh yes! You also got to meet Ava and Ms Colleen!
Baby G: But since they turned the camera off I can't play my favorite game! (whining)
April: What game is that hon?
Baby G: Hide n seek! You know that one where I used to hide by your water bowl and make people wonder where I was. That was so much fun! (giggling)
Oliver: Son, Do you mean to tell me you did that on purpose?
Baby G: Yes dad! It was so much fun hearing people talk about me every night on that facebook page after they tucked us in for the night. They were always asking Where is Baby G? (giggling loudly)
Oliver: Son, that was not nice if you were doing it on purpose!
Baby G: Well dad, You always got attention by dancing in circles…..
April: Baby G!
Oliver: Well April, look who is talking. You are the attention seeker with your hay showers……
Baby G: What's attention seeking? Whats a hay shower? 
April: Oliver, we don't want to put ideas into his head….
Baby G: Mama, where did the people go? I miss them. I liked the chats. I liked them watching me run races.
April: Well, Mr Jordan had to turn the camera off for awhile while he and the others get the park ready for visitors. He is going to put a camera up outside and he will turn the barn camera on from time to time so everyone can see u!
Baby G: Really mama! I hope so! Auntie Allysa told me that people in a group called April Giraffe Friends really miss seeing us and are crying. That makes me sad.
April: It makes me sad too honey. I just hope they know that we miss them too. 
Oliver: (in a gruff voice) Yes Baby G: They have made us feel very special and we have become famous thanks to you and your mama.
Baby G: (blushing) Oh shucks! I better give thanks to Uncle Corey and Auntie Allysa for all the good care and to Mr. Jordan for the great home!

Tajiri the giraffe running outside around mom and dad


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Tajiri the Giraffe

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