Tajiri and April the Giraffe Broke Record Numbers For Animal Adventure Park

Tajiri and April the Giraffe

It's been a giraffe-filled year for Animal Adventure Park — best known for being home to April the Giraffe, Oliver and Tajiri. 

Children had plenty to do: trick-or-treat, pet the animals, and of course — feed the giraffes. 

Since April's pregnancy became a phenomenon, the zoologist says the past year has been a whirlwind.

Oliver the girafe 

"We've seen record numbers here at the park and while the numbers aren't in it's been an incredible year, not only for us, but also the giraffes. We've seen visitors locally, across the U.S. and across the globe that we've been able to educate not only on giraffes and their conservation but the rest of the species we have here at the park," said Allysa Swilley, the Animal Adventure Park zoologist.

The park will reopen November 25 for a holiday event. 

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Supporter react :

Allison Taylor A sense of sadness as the season comes to a close. Selfishly, I will miss all the great and often comical photos of the fortunate animals at your park. It's unlikely I could ever make it to the park itself, but you've certainly succeeded in allowing me to enjoy it vicariously through photos, anecdotes and of course, the giraffe cam. Thank you….just….thank you

Linda Montgomery Maybe my health will improve and I can travel to see all of you next year. I was an "April" follower on the internet watching the birth and many hours befor and after. Have a healthy fall and winter everyone

Linda M Rupell Cant wait to come visit in the spring…I'm sure we will all be waiting to see how much all the new littles that were born this year have grown…AAP is for sure a wonderful place..Thanks for keeping us up-dated throughout this past season…

Linda Pencavage Benesky I just want to say I finally got to visit April Oliver Taj and the entire park on Friday. I ran into Jordan as my daughter and I were walking into the gift shop. Jordan you are just as charismatic as you are on video! What a treat it was to see how these animals react when you are around, and vise versa! Thank you for all the love you give to these creatures.

Angela Burtt We were lucky enough to have the time to take a trip out to the park this year , we went for my daughter's 7th birthday , she wanted to meet April so we took the 2 hour drive. Such a beautiful park with amazing staff…we will definitely be paying another visit next season! Thank you all for everything that ALL of you do!

Barbara McDaniel Due to my health I'm unable to visit the park.Thank you for the pictures and I loved waiting for April to deliver and I so enjoy seeing the giraffe family.God bless you all

Joan Gentile So sad. I had no idea that you guys would be closing the park. I will miss seeing the giraffe cam, each and every day, since April was pregnant with Taj. Thank you for sharing your videos with us!! I have enjoyed seeing them and talking to all the wonderful people on your website. Thank you again for everything!! I love you guys!

Denise M. Ward You can see the love and I think it's a shame she will get pregnant again she needs a break although I do realize you give her great care.But pregnancy after pregnancy also brings their health down.Remember that jerk that was killing his because he had to many of them and they were healthy,that was awful!

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