Tajiri and April the Giraffe Live Cam on July of 20th

Tajiri and April the Giraffe Live Cam on July of 20th

Taj:  Mama, why do all the people come here?
April:  Do you mean come to the park?
Taj:  Yes!
Oliver:  They come to see us and to give us carrots!
April:  Well that is not entirely true Oliver.
Taj:  It isn’t?  I thought they came just to see us!
April:  Oh no son, there are lots of animals here!  There are hundreds of animals here!
Taj:  There are?  Gee, that is a lot of animals.  Where are all of them? 
Oliver:  They are all over the place.  This is a big park.
Taj:  How did they all get here?  Were they born here like me?
April:  Goodness no.  Neither your dad nor I were born here.  Most of the animals except for the babies were not born here.
Taj:  Really?  (astonished)  They wern’t???  Where did they all come from?  
Oliver:  Some came from zoos, some came from homes, some came from the wild.  
Taj:  Why did they come here?
April:  Well, some of the places they lived at closed, some of the places where they were staying were not good situations and they were not safe to stay there, other situations were where they would have died if they remained there. 
Taj:  How did they get here?

April, Tajiri, Oliver the Giraffe vs Allysa Playing Together 

Oliver:  Well Mr. Jordan arranged for them to come here. 
Taj:  He did?  Wow!  Mr. Jordan sure is a nice man! 
April:  He really is.  He cares so much about the animals.  He wants them to have safe and happy homes!
Taj:  Has this place been here forever Mama?
April:  No, it has only been here for about five years.
Oliver:  When Mr. Jordan bought the land, Miss Saigon the cat came with the land. 
Taj;  Oh I have met her.  She comes into the barn once in awhile!
April:  Yes, she comes and goes all over the park.
Taj:  Didn’t you tell me that Big Maxx was the very first animal?
Oliver:  That is right son!  Big Maxx was the very first animal and was the start of the park.  He is the foundation of Mr. Jordan and Mrs Colleen’s dream of Animal Adventure Park.  
Taj:  Wow.  (sadly) And now Big Maxx is gone.
April:  (quietly)  That is true.  But I am told, that Mr. Jordan felt that his park would be really complete once he got giraffes!  And we came along!
Taj:  (brightly)  Really?? 
Oliver:  Yes son.  And your birth has caused a big increase of people to come to the park.  And this park continues to grow.  Mr Jordan just bought more land.  He is going to expand more and is trying to keep you so you do not have to go anywhere and will be able to stay and have your own family here.
Taj:  You mean I will not have to move?  I won’t have to leave you dad and Mama?
April:  Well that is what we are hoping.  You may have to leave for a short period of time but then come back.  We have to wait and see what the future holds.  We won’t worry about that now because it will be next year before any of that happens.
Taj:  What is the difference between this park and a zoo?
April:  Our park is unique because the people can feed us and pet us.  At zoos, many of the animals cannot be fed or petted.  People can only look at them.  We also have horses to ride.
Taj:  So people can play with the animals here?
Oliver:  In a way, yes.
Taj:  That makes our place extra special!
April:  It does son!
Taj:  I think I was born in the best place to be!
Oliver:  You were son.  We get unlimited carrots, we have the biggest stalls and a wonderful outside area.
April:  And we have great caretakers.  No one could be better than Auntie Allysa and Uncle Corey and Mr. Jordan!  Your dad and I are so lucky to have come here 2 years ago.
Taj:  And I am lucky to have the best mom and dad in the whole wide world and to have been born in the best place!

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