Best Moments Four Months of Taj the Giraffe Update and Live Cam

Best Moments Four Months of Taj the Giraffe Update and Live Cam

Good Morning friends!! Happy Tuesday!! Happy four months birthday to the our beautiful boy Taj!

You are the cutest baby giraffe ever!! We love you so much!! You and your mom and dad bring lots of people joy and happiness

Here are the best moments of April, Tajiri, Allysa and Jordan Patch:

1. April not LISTENING to Allysa Lol 

2. April, Taj and Oliver The Giraffe Playing Together 

3.Tajiri the Giraffe Playing and Showing Off 

4.Tajiri the Giraffe Playing and Running in the Yard at AAP 

April`s poem:

My thirst is gone

As the rain fell
ripples formed 
inside my heart
tickling my emotions

A smell of freshness
protruded my senses
carrying my mind
to a land of peace

like tears of laughter
drops cleanse my soul
in a dream like state
gravity has vanished

hydrated again
my thirst is gone
my spirit awakens
and my wings take flight

We`re set up an online place to celebrate four months birthday to Taj 

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