Stephen Colbert: LaVar Ball Didn’t ‘Give Thanks’ To Trump

Thanksgiving is a time of the year for family. So the President is tweet-attacking one

LaVar Ball Didn't 'Give Thanks' To Trump

On Elephants, Trump Has A Change Of Heartlessness


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President Trump wasn't happy with Senator Jeff Flake for getting caught on camera describing the GOP as 'The party of Roy Moore and Donald Trump. We are toast

The GOP Is 'Toast' Says The GOP

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Viewers reacted: 
Eth D Right wing mongs lost their shit when Obama wore a tan suit. Imagine their reactions if Obama did half the things Trump is doing, like say, throwing tantrums on social media. Republicans are such an embarrassment.
Tavo24vv When will youtube realize the more they play advertisements on each video the more I hate what ever product they promote.

Choo Choo MotherTrucker Trump is such a simpleton, easily being deceived with words or praise and easily being baited by a troll even though he is a troll himself.  Lavar vs Trump.  Round 2.  FIGHT!

Burningknight7 'Mike' is an actual dictionary noun for microphone though .trump has written many idiotic things , mike was not one of them.

Osamathegamer No, we don't want a bus in front of 2017 how will we learn from our mistakes otherwise and at least we should be able to see our selves being demolished

223Drone If Trump wants gratitude he needs to show humility because asking for gratitude means you want people to feed your ego. But since Trump is a narcissist that's not going to happen.

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