Steelers’ Vince Williams Received Taunting Penalty For Trying To Cuddle With DeAndre Hopkins

The Pittsburgh Steelers took care of business on Christmas, locking up a first round bye in the AFC with a 34-6 victory over the Houston Texans.

Pittsburgh was on it’s way to a shutout when Texans receiver DeAndre Hopkins made a touchdown ridiculous catch.

The Texans elected to go for two following the amazing catch but failed. Following the play, Hopkins laid in the end zone and Steelers linebacker in shocking fashion decided to lay next to Hopkins and cuddle:


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It was not appreciated by either Hopkins or the official.

He was flagged for his cuddle-attempt.

During the first game on MNF on Christmas, the Pittsburgh Steelers had very little trouble as they ran the Houston Texans out of their own stadium to the tune of a 34-6 beatdown.

Before that game ended, the Texans finally got on the board when DeAndre Hopkins made the most ridiculous catch of the season when he tapped it to himself, secured the catch, got both feet in, survived the ground, and made the touchdown catch.

The Texans elected to go for two, but failed as they went to Hopkins again. Following the play, Hopkins laid out in the end zone and Steelers linebacker Vince Williams decided he would lay next to him and cuddle. It was not appreciated. He was flagged for taunting for his troubles.

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