Southern California Wildfires Update:‘Fire is still out of control

Southern California Wildfires 2017

‘Fire is still out of control.’ We’re flying over Ventura County, CA as wildfires roar through Southern California

Viewers reacted to Southern California Wildfires 2017

Susan Fleming Green · Dear Heavenly Father please let the rains fall and help put those fires out. Protect all of those firefighters, residents and pets. Thank you for hearing my prayer, thorough Jesus Christ our Lord AMEN

Angela Clifford The residents have been evacuated THEY ARE NOT ON FIRE DYING …… PLEASE quit making negative comments and get off the live feed if u can't say a prayer for those losing their homes and those in harm's way!

Iman J. Gilchrist ·Well it’s not funny but I’m sure their insurance got them covered … they were living better than I could imagine

Johanna W. Thomas ·Santa Ana Storms are there every year and there is most of the time à fire. And because of the wind hard to contain.

Peter DeMallie Something we rarely see in New England. Never to this magnitude. Absolutely awful. People losing their homes. People and their pets in danger. Kudos to the front line firefighters and police. Prayers for all.

Vanessa Frye Jesus have mercy, and if it be your will, you and you alone is able to breathe on this uncontrollable fire and put it out for good, lord do it for the people and the children, this i ask in Jesus name i pray

Kathleen Stadtmuller Gad ·So sad and scary!! I have family there and so far, they are safe and not in immediate danger. 
Praying for everyone affected by this and for the safety of all the firefighters and first responders.

Mignon Coughlin ·This is so incredibly devastating and sad…why in the world would people make comments saying this is God’s will?!? Prayers to all the people affected.

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