Southern California Wildfires Update Today

Southern California Wildfires 2017 Latest Update

Wind-whipped wildfires continued to blaze across Southern California on Wednesday. The Thomas Fire, which started Monday roughly 60 miles northwest of downtown Los Angeles, is by far the worst — scorching 65,000 acres, destroying 150 structures and threatening 12,000 more. It’s also forced 27,000 people to evacuate, according to officials. 

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Viewers reacted to Southern California Wildfires 2017 Latest Update

Ada Maria · Hey don’t wish us bad ! Not everyone that lives in LA or California is a Left-wing Liberal

Kathy Erickson Estrada  Praying for the people affected. I live in California and don’t agree with how the state is run. However, I’d NEVER celebrate or gloat over the loss and devastation that is going on right now.

Lisa Cheramie Myers  For all you people against California, a lot of us here are Christian Republicans, so stop with the hate.

Jim Kuhn ·FYI California conservatives gave our president a lot of support. Many of us have been to your state and we support you in good and hard times. Why can’t you be civil?

Fiona Barnhart ·How disgusting that people have such nasty comments about others losing their homes, pets & loved ones you people are sick & I am sure karma will come back at you.

Leslie McLean ·I am a conservative and i think that bringing politics into this is not a fair and wise idea. Praising suffer and loss on anyone or anything should not be condoned. Praying for everyone. So scary…

Carol Worth ·Senior Deplorable here in Bellflower, California. I was born in Hollywood, lived here all my life, but it's not the place I grew up in. The Liberals took over! 

Nancy Hunt I beg your pardon! God cares about California and Californians! Many prayers for salvation of every lost soul and for safety and protection.

Donna Latham Osborne  Can people just get OVER the politics and BS and see how horrible this is for everyone in its path. Sure would be nice to see genuine compassion without all the negativity

Sewing Boonya Phyllis Dootoff · Why are there laughing faces here? This is devadting? For those making fun, how'd you feel if your house burned down and you lost EVERYTHING?? Shame on you people.

Rosalind Pehoski The laughing emojis. How could people be celebrating a disaster. We are a very very sick immoral country.

Elizabeth Brody These fires don’t just affect liberals living in CA, they also affect Christians and Conservatives living there too. Shame on you who are laughing and judging.

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