Al Franken Resigns; Donald Trump Jr. Testifies in Russia Investigation: A Closer Look

Seth Meyers Donald Trump a Closer Look

Al Franken Resigns; Donald Trump Jr. Testifies in Russia Investigation: A Closer Look

Seth takes a closer look at Senator Al Franken's resignation amid a growing sexual harassment scandal and how Donald Trump Jr. testified in the Russia investigation and refused to answer some questions on the basis of attorney-client privilege.

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Justin Roskamp Trump is still supporting Moore because he's upholding the fact that our judicial system holds people as innocent until proven guilty. It really is as simple as that. If something truly damning is revealed about Moore, he'll lose support. I’m pretty sure that's been made clear by multiple Republicans.

I realize by commenting here that I’m jumping into a bear trap, so if you want to argue with me, read what I said again, and try to see the perspective I’m putting forth.

Venkat Venkataraman putin/trump Russia connection, unwanted sexual advances, admitting it openly in public: are they not enough to impeach? not if you are a republican. Atleast some decent Republican Senators asked playboy roy moore to step down. God save this country.

Mickie Shea And some still WONDER why there is groping…? 
One of several types of women is The Stradler, Kelly Anne – adept at the invitational double entendre delivery, (I see a LOT of bananas), no apparent personal standards are displayed, and who demonstrates a desire to work both sides of the street…er, issue. Every day, I think things can't get MORE embarrassing. And, yet

Roland Olson Totally FALSE statement! The President didn't BRAG about committing sexual assault! He exaggerated a point (although grossly) about being "able" to do something due to his celebrity IF he were so inclined but didn't acknowledge that he "did" something! English is a fairly tough language, and it IS used conveniently by the left to their advantage by twisting, manipulating, and even fabricating it to their advantage.

Steve Bianchi Seth calls this humor? Another sick person liberalized ( how he got this job).

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