The White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds a briefing 12/5

Sarah Sanders Press Conference

The White House Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds a briefing.

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Viewers reacted to Sarah Sanders Press Conference

Tina Corbe Tolrud ·Sarah Sanders is the best press secretary we have ever had… don't let these "WARRIORS OF WOMEN" push you down 

André Brooks I love this woman!! She’s sharp and won’t allow the press to push her around, and has no problem putting them in their place!

Chris Goode Lee ·Sarah is one classy lady. Beauty, brains and politically savvy. She’s ideal for her role in this administration!

Myrna Doble McGhie  I just want you to know, Sarah, how much you are appreciated. Hang in there….as I see it any haters you face are actually the people who fear you.

Jess Ariane  Liberals are obviously threatened by a woman in power who remains tough and unaffected by their attacks!

Brenda Harrison Hudson ·Sarah you are a very classy lady and don't let these want to bes tell you any different. The only way they can be heard is to talk about someone else.

Sheri Ray-McClurg I can only hope to raise my daughter to be as strong, well-spoken, and intelligent woman as Sarah is.

Cindy Hathaway ·Sarah is awesome and if you are so petty as to belittle her wardrobe you should really look inward because something in you must be lacking.

Anitra Lewis ·When the Dems have nothing else, they resort to personal attacks. They do it with both Sarah and Melania.

Stacey Green Beasley · Good job Sara. You are a communication machine and you are a gold standard employee for our President. Keep up the good work.

Doris Vandruff Leave her clothes alone. She has more important things to think about! She's a smart classy lady. Clothes don't make the person!

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