The same-sex marriage bill has passed Federal Parliament

The same-sex marriage Australia

The same-sex marriage bill has passed Federal Parliament, and could become law in a matter of days.

Watch the moment the same-sex marriage bill finally passed the Parliament

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Just after same-sex marriage passed the House of Reps, the public gallery broke into song. You'll know this one.

Four members of the House of Representatives voted against the bill.

Liberal senator Dean Smith's bill will now become law after a day of cheers, tears and applause in the Lower House.

People queued for access to the public gallery to witness the law being changed and by the time of the final vote, they were packed into every spot.

Same-sex marriage supporters wearing colourful "Yes" T-shirts clapped and cheered as amendments were voted down, prompting repeated warnings they should stop their barracking.

The public gallery led a chorus of We Are Australian after the final vote, with members of the parliament joining in from the floor of the House in tears.

Viewers reacted to The Same Sex Marriage Australia

Brendon Walker I love all the Christian marriage traditionalists bringing Adam & Eve into it. The bible says they had 3 sons. No daughters. Think about that for a moment…

Scott Tyson I just ran out of salt at home, but I figure there will be plenty to pick up in The Australian comment section.

Peter Seager How sad for Australia and all it's children. We can only hope for two things; our children forgive us, and, the Act, and marriage, gets restored as quickly as possible.

Joanne McKeown Best wishes to all Australians who now have access to the same rights the majority have enjoyed for years.

Daniel Hu To all the people saying 'God forgive us', if there is a being who created and presides over everything in existence, I'm pretty sure they have more pressing concerns than whether people marry someone of the same sex

Jeff Gadd “We are all equal, but some of us are more equal”. Now that this issue is done and dusted how about sorting out the issues that affect all men and women of Australia. For something that could have been voted on in a few minutes by a then Labour/Greens majority in 2012, it has now taken until end of 2017 at a ridiculous cost both economically and in terms of real actions in Parliament to the detriment of mainstream Australian problems. Hopefully 2018 will see more focus on what affects us all and not get bogged down by leftard minority issues which has effectively trashed a years worth of real Government. Totally disgusted by all parties’ abysmal performance.

Jason Smith At last allowing two consenting adults to marry in Australia without restrictions. 

Remember people this affects only consenting adults. Inanimate objects can't consent, so they can't marry. Animals can't consent so no this wont result in people marrying their goldfish. Children are not mentally developed enough to understand what they're consenting too so they can't consent. 

Please take the time to learn the meaning of consent.

Brett Boatwright Finally, equality and no discrimination added to the bill. Thank you parliament for finally doing the right thing but no thank you to the LNP for unleashing all the bigots and the homophobes and wasting 120 million dollars.

Phil Boyle Great. Congratulations. Can we move on now from what should have never been an issue in the first place if the government had just shown the backbone to do it?

Let's legalize euthanasia nationally; decriminalize marijuana and treat it as a public health issue where necessary; implement tougher measures, laws and sentencing for youth crime; reinstate the death penalty for murderers, rapists, drug traffickers and paedophiles; eliminate all laws that infringe on basic human rights and civil liberties (e.g anti association laws);

Raise the minimum wage to a living wage; give all pensioners the minimum wage if they have assets under $1M; means test politicians and refuse pensions to any with assets over $1M and/or with assets offshore; raise apprentices wages to the minimum wage in their first year subsidized by a HECS type scheme to be repaid interest free once they are fully qualified.

There are a million things this country needs more than this, but again, congratulations, now stop patting yourselves on the back and get back to work.

Christopher Cain Hurray but never forget Penny Wong sold the queer community down the river for her own career. Also thanks for nothing Labor. You treated the LGBT community like a political football to be toyed with at your will. Cheers (Y)

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