Roy Moore speaks at a ‘Faith Leaders Press Conference’ in Birmingham, Alabama.

Republican Senate candidate Roy Moore speaks at a 'Faith Leaders Press Conference' in Birmingham, Alabama.

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Viewers reacted:

Janet Marino Neu ·Alabama, please don’t let the smear campaign by the liberal media sway your vote for Judge Moore! Please vote for him!

Jackie Collins  Al Franken should resign immediately the woman has pictures and he has admitted it. In the Dems and MCConnells own words Franken is not fit to hold office!

Deborah Madden ·It cracks me up how people believe these women that bring this crap up 30 or 40 years LATER!!! Right when this man is running for a seat in the senate!

Kristin Ferguson ·Nelson's own stepson came forward and said Moore was innocent, and that she was making this all up for money

Sherry Shifflett · Don’t give up ..we the people know it’s lies being told as it was against our President. How convenient these women remember 35 years later and are offended.. smh

Peggy Peterson-Tierney I hope that Judge Moore is vindicated. The Dems have some nerve after what Franken did.

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