Rep Trey Gowdy tears into Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein over bias in the FBI and DOJ

Rep Trey Gowdy Destroys Deputy Attorney General Rosenstein over bias in the FBI and DOJ

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Viewers reacted:

Amy Higgins Heinritz Every Dem had a speech not a question. These Democrats are so bias it stinks. They asked about everthing that had nothing to do with why he was here. Trey is my hero and should be the DOJ.

Curtis McLean Mueller reassigned the offending members immediately, like a good investigator should. This isn't news. Mueller is an honorable man. Fox and conservatives hate that truth.

Shane Beals It is time for president Trump to fire Jeff sessions and Rosenstein immediately and get some good people in there it'll actually abay the laws of the Constitution and go after the corruption within the government

Peter Michael This just in. Our government is in the shitter!
The word " truth" has been removed from the dictionary as requested by the Liberal Democrats. The Republican party won't stand up to them. Miriam Webster is allowing the request.

Jeffrey Cummings Gowdy typical grandstanding and in the end nothing with happen and rosenstein knows this and really doesnt give 2 shits what gowdy says.

Jeff Crannick They've all proven time after time again that they are good at asking questions and getting that sound bite onto TV. The bottom line is though that they get no results nor take any action to hold anyone accountable for their actions.


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Brenda Earehart Would like to see these guys questioned after a dose of "Truth Serum"! Jim Carey did it famously in "Liar, Liar" at least we would get honest answers instead of all this stupid stonewalling!! Good Grief

Paula Gervais Babble babble blab blab ,,yak yak ,,are you kidding me? How many days or hours of this crap has to go on and NOTHING gets done.–Talking heads –wasting as much time as they can unto their millionth vacation for the year begins ..Then after theri non deserved break ,,thye will come back for another round of the dog chasing its tail …Pathetic ,,DC __Crooks chasing Crooks ,,lol

John Holcomb After today, I would hope that Senators begin the process of dismantling Mueller and his whole department. The evidence is blatantly obvious that the FBI has entangled themselves in a web of injustice.

Britt Bailey Mr. Gowdy Rocks ! Rosenstein needs to be canned and the whole Mueller debacle should be canned. The more this goes on the more the set up that it was becomes apparent. Comey, Mueller and Rosentein orchestrated the whole thing after his firing and continue to undermine this administration. The democrats couldn't win the election so they are determined to trash Trump. All these people are anwswering to Obama and the Clinton Foundation.


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