Referees Miss Blatant Penalty On Alabama During Game-Tying TD Play In National Title Game

The Alabama Crimson Tide once again are National Champions after overcoming a 10-point deficit in the 4th quarter.


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But there were some controversial calls and in this case, no calls.

During Alabama’s game typing 4th down touchdown, it appears that the wide receiver on the bottom of the screen clearly crossed the line of scrimmage before the ball was snapped

Viewers reacted:

Richard Perez You could tell the refs favored Alabama in the 2nd half. On the comeback there was a big run by Alabama. The. Left end for Georgia was held big time. A lot of no calls against Alabama in 2nd half. Really!!# rigged

Trevor Lance Slay There were multiple missed penalties. The blocked punt Alabama moved first, the face mask that should of been an easy call. The refs have to make it an interesting game and calls will be missed on purpose and it’s straight bullshit.

Shaun Jones Kind of difficult to even take the final result seriously when it was multiple horrible calls in a row that started the momentum swing. It's easy to forget, but Tua did nothing in his first drive and it was only after the terrible calls started that Alabama started gaining their confidence.

Jeremy J. Blum Wow they were so eager to call offsides on that punt but some how missed that.

Cornhuskers fan here. We’d like to welcome the rest of the world to B1G officiating. If your not a Buckeye or a Badger your not getting the call…

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