Quick update on Alf the Giraffe Brights Zoo

Quick update on Alf

Quick update on Alf – He is doing very well with the addition of Kari giving his bottle as well as Connie and Maggie. Kari has been able to give several bottles now with no issues.

alf the giraffe donation

                                                                                                 Alf the Giraffe
To all of those that have already donated, thank you again. You should have received an email with a special link. If you have not received that email please check your spam folder.

TeamAlf  Please consider donating to help build Alf a new barn

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Supporters react :

Pam Morris Rasco I would love to plan my vacation to visit Alf and Brights zoo. Love that little big guy.

We love you Alf! You are a beautiful baby boy with so much love to give. We love you Maggie, what a beautiful person you are. We love you Mr. And Mrs. Bright for blessing Alf with a beautiful life. God Bless you always

Anne Green I wish you guys all the luck on getting this built for Alf and his new lady friend.

Laura Zinck This TeamAlf friend misses seeing him and and your wonderful staff. I completely understand you were hurt by some nasty uniformed people. Time heals. I hope the support of all of us that care for Alf, your staff and your Zoo and support your current campaign to raise a barn helps you heal,that much quicker cause I really miss seeing the photogenic boy. Hugs and love!

Donna Pacetti Smith This is so nice. Can't wait for the new merchandise. I am a Florida fan and have followed this journey from the beginning. Hugs and best wishes to Alf, Maggie, the Brights, the zoo staff and all Alf's local supporters. So sorry for the trouble that ignorance brought to your door step.

Jayne Bolling Chambliss I've gotta send my check to the building fund !!! I saved the address last week so it could be mailed

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