1000 Questions on Fiona the Hippo at Cincinnati Zoo and Fiona Videos

Questions on Fiona the Hippo at Cincinnati Zoo

The best time to catch a glimpse of Fiona is before 3pm. She has been heading inside in the late afternoon so Henry and Bibi can have adult time in the big outdoor pool.

Baby Fiona


If you could ask Fiona's care team one question, what would it be?

Fiona the Hippo


Fans react to Questions on Fiona the Hippo at Cincinnati Zoo:

1. Fiona the Hippo Neck Rolls

Lauren Kramer When Fiona reaches adult size, do you think you will still be able to stand next to her and share personal space with her?

Johanna Hawke I will assume that all animals have a bad day just like humans do. If Henry had a bad day and went into attack mode how would you be able to protect Fiona or even Bibi for that matter. That is one BIG BOY.

Lora Gandy What is it like to hold a baby hippo? It must be difficult to back away. I believe you caretakers have made a lasting impression on Fiona as she seems to respond so happily to her adoring public. Thank you for saving her life and sharing her journey, it has been a bright light in an otherwise somewhat distressing summer of news.

Lynn Seto I would just tell her team THANK YOU for all the amazing efforts you have made to save her and help her thrive. I absolutely love the frequent updates and photos. They make my day! I get so excited about them that my students now know who she is too. Go Team Fiona!

Liz Munsey I remember way back in March some discussion of "contact calls" within a bloat. Henry would let out a great big bellow and Bibi ("the rest of the bloat") would answer? Does Fiona join in on this behavior or does she just listen?

2. Fiona the Hippo Cincinnati Zoo

Leann Isaacs
1. Can we paint her nails? A nice periwinkle, perhaps? Jk. 
2. What is her scent? Do her feets smell like frito dog paws or nah?

Debbie Schmitz-Kindle Do you think that so much interaction with people is the reason she is so friendly? I've noticed she deliberately goes for the glass. She seems to know they are there for her.

Cortney Norris What do you hope becomes of Fiona? Will she stay at your zoo forever? Be shipped for possible breeding? And what does her experience as well as her keepers stand to gain from her situation? (Scientifically)

Vikki Ottrando  What will she remember about her caretakers as she matures? Will she be able to identify you individually or is it more of a general comfort and good feeling with people in general? Did she form any lasting attachments to her caretakers?

Tina Hibbard How do you handle the break away period when you know she will be too large to love on just don't know if my heart could handle it

Candi Imming I know Henry was not feeling himself for awhile, did Fiona stress him out a bit? Great job Team Fiona. I love the videos on her page every week and appreciate your stories. You have done a lovely job sharing and connecting Fiona to the world. Does she still like coffee breath?

3. Fiona the Hippo Video 


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Liz Hamlin-Volz Do all Hippos have such a personality, or is she special because she had so much human interaction early on ?

Sandy Strain Is working with her as much fun as it looks like? And are Bibi and Henry friendly towards all of you or do they get protective of Fiona?

Karin Brond Weinberg She seems to love humans so much – will there get to be a point that you can't be near her like this?

Colleen Hoban For how much longer will you be able to interact/handle her? Will she always remember you and want to be around you? And – can you interact/handle/pet (for lack of a better word) Henry?

Wendy White I'd like to know what her skin/hide feels like. Is it smooth yet tough? I loved all the footage of her when she was younger and the keepers got to caress her.

Heather Eleanor How much (human) interaction does Fiona have now compared to when she was an infant? I know that she doesn't has as much, but what percent? 
P.S. I was telling people at (my) St. Louis Zoo hippo habitat that Fiona's momma is from here and her dad is from another zoo in MO. I feel like Fiona is a cousin. LOL

4. Fiona the Hippo Song

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Elaine Schultz Zent My favorite song last Christmas, must have been an omen
I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas
Gayla Peevey
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
Don't want a doll, no dinkey tinker toy
I want a hippopotamus to play with and enjoy
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
I don't think Santa Claus will mind, do you?
He won't have to use a dirty chimney flue
Just bring him through the front door
That's the easy thing to do
I can see me now on Christmas morning
Creeping down the stairs
Oh what joy, what surprise
When I open up my eyes
To see a hippo hero standing there
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
No crocodiles, no rhinosauruses
I only likes hippopotamuses
And hippopotamuses like me, too
Mom says a hippo, would eat me up but then
Teacher says a hippo is a vegetarian
There's lots of room for him in our two-car garage
I'd feed him there and wash him there and give him his massage
I can see me now on Christmas morning
Creeping down the stairs
Oh what joy, what surprise
When I open up my eyes
To see a hippo hero standing there
I want a hippopotamus for Christmas
Only a hippopotamus will do
No crocodiles, or rhinosauruseses
I only likes hippopotamuses
And hippopotamuses like me, too

5. Fiona the Hippo Birth 

William Todd Westermeyer Hippopotamus are notorious aggressive and deadly in the wild,so do you think Fiona,being lovingly foster-raised by the zoo staff,will ever attack a human?

Traci West I'm curious about hippo teeth. I've heard them referred to as razor sharp; to me, they look blunt, though I wouldn't want to be on the receiving end of them, just on general principles!  Are they sharp? And when will Fiona have her full set of adult teeth?

Margo Nuce It must be a wonderful feeling knowing you took this baby from being so fragile to what she is now. I'm sure she knows it and is very grateful. Animals have a way of displaying their thanks for what we do to help them. Has she done that? Thank you for all you have done for her.

Linda Doering Fairbanks Bibi seems playful when she's in the water with Fiona. Is she usually like that, or is it because she has a baby hippo with her?

6, Fiona the Hippo 6 months

Ginny Massie VanHoose The caregivers were her lifeline. Being with her or bonding every day. Now since she has been reunited with her father and mother and she would go swimming alone, would the caregivers be as safe as they were before. Or will she lose the human relationship that she had with the caregivers.

Linda Wright I would ask them. Is it hard not to want to squeeze her with hugs and kisses? I just want to pick her up and hug her tight

Celeste Ellis When Fiona is fully grown, do you think she will be as large as Bibi or due to her preemie struggles, do you anticipate she will be smaller than the average adult hippo?

Jan Yarbrough-Gordon I would love to know if she still comes to all of you like she did before she met with her mom and dad? I felt so sorry for her because she had to learn to be a big girl!, does she still love ya'lls love?

Sara Arnold I'm sure you are proud of the great work you have done in keeping her alive and raising her so far. What kinds of emotions do you feel as she is becoming more independent?

Shelley Thorn Sedlacek We all know Fiona is the best thing to happen to the Cincinnati Zoo, hopefully you will keep her and not position her in another zoo? Especially after the efforts to save her life by your incredible zoo keepers!

7. Fiona the Hippo Zoo 

Diane Ross How much has she bonded with you? Does she recognize your voice or appearance? Has she been growing apart from you the more time she spends with her parents? I know, I ask a lot of questions.

Lorie Driver Hewitt How many bottles does The Fiona Show drink a day and how many times a day do you feed her when you feed bibi and henry what time of the day does she eat and does she sleep alone or with mom in water out side or in

Missy Sullivan Poppenger As I was watching FIona and her Mom and Dad today I wondered where is she at night, is there someone watching over her? Is she with them in the pool or somewhere else safe. She is such a treasure. And does she respond when you say her name, does she recognize her name. Lots of questions. And thank you som much for the Videos they are awesome.

Rebecca Patterson Do you think she will always remain domesticated/friendly to humans having been nurtured by such? She has the sweetest face! Like, once for Easter, we bought our daughter ducks, and those ducks followed me everywhere I went!

8. Fiona the hippo youtube

Jessica Gegner What types of things does she do that show her personality compared to the other hippos? (ex. my female dog always takes three pieces of food to the carpet and tries to bury them before she touches any other food in her bowl, or my male dog tunnels underneath the covers all the way to the foot of the bed so that only his head sticks out)

Arlene McKinlay Stobinski Truth is, I would love to be able to read Fiona's mind because her actions seem to show everyone she knows just how special she is and loves to bring joy to all other living creatures. Do any of you get that feeling as well?

HB Heather Clark Do you really understand how grateful we all are! Your dedication, sharing, and obvious commitment and love for your work. THANK YOU!

Nina Salomon Will her habitat expand when she becomes full grown? Will Fiona still be able to stay with her parents or will they be separated with her paired off with a hippo her age at a different zoo?

9. Fiona the hippo weight at birth

Becka Smith How hard was it not to put her in your car when she was little and take her home? (if it was me I'd have a new pool in my backyard…. And a hippo!)

Jennifer Barth When Fiona first began going outside for public visits, and the crowds were over excited with everyone wanting a close experience/view of her did you feel a little protective over her? Most of us consider Fiona "our hippo," so has it been a proud yet hard experience sharing her with everyone?

Kerrie Saunders Thank you for the updates, pictures and videos!! It has been my favorite thing to see on FB. Will you always be able to be around her when she grows up since she was raised by humans, or will she become become dangerous for her care takers?

Tanya Lynn Wells In several pictures and videos, Fiona seems to have two smaller scars on her left side. Are those from life-saving measures when she was born prematurely, are they birthmarks, or just natural occurrences as her skin grew?

Mary Beth Gibbons How do hippos know how deep they can go in the water? Since they can't swim what would happen if the water was too deep for them to bounce up for air?

10. Fiona the hippo with dad

Tammy Gadd I wouldn't want to ask Amy questions I would just want to thank all of you for all of your time and love you gave her that helped her survive.

Kelly J Luther Does fiona have her favorite caretaker(s) and, if yes, how does she act towards her favorite? (Like dogs play up to their "favorite"?)

Gwen Christensen Does she know her name? Does she answer to it? 
I just cannot express how much appreciation I have for what you have accomplished. Team Fiona is amazing!

Emily Orme-Johnson Has her physical contact with her humans changed since she's getting bigger and she has bonded with her family? If so, is this difficult for her and for you? How do you/will you cope?

Tracy Buck As caregivers to Fiona, what do you feel makes her such a national/global darling, & what's your favorite personality trait of hers? I personally LOVE those ear wiggles & her hamming for the cameras.

11. Fiona the hippo with bubbles

Cathy Corcoran Since the wonderful staff who has taken care of her since birth are all her surrogate mothers, at what point do you guys think, if ever, will her wild instincts come out and the staff will not be able to get as close as they did?

Coleen Pence Sizelove Please keep her in Cincinnati forever! Does the whole hippo family sleep inside at night separately? Do they have their own deep water pools inside? How old will she be when she needs a mate? Will you find a mate for her?

Elaine Schultz Zent I think it's been asked. Is her interactions with all of you because all hippos have personality like this or has she been a bit domesticated. She is adorable and you all have and are doing the best job

MaryAnn Buck She seems to really enjoy human contact. (sweet photo btw) I thought you used a barrier when with her. Are there exceptions or is this an old photo? Does she seek out human contact? So cute that it's ridiculous

Cassie Kahler Wyatt With all of the time you all have spent with her, was it super hard to distance yourselves as she got more comfortable with mom and dad? Did you cry? I would have cried.

Donna Hatten Gagnon We are coming to Cincinnati from Phoenix in a couple of weeks and have been following Fiona since birth…can we meet her in person??!! (My kid, who is also a preemie, aspires to be the next Jack Hanna…she is 11)

Kayla Symborski How do you feel being so young and knowing you've probably already done the greatest thing you're ever going to do in your life? (Because you can't top this)

Katie Fine Do you let yourself get emotionally connected to the animals or is it important to stay somewhat detached? How would you describe Fiona's personality compared to Bibi's and to Henry's?

12. Fiona the hippo with parents

Lindsay Steiner What is the most significant thing you’ve learned about raising a baby hippo that can be used to assist with the raising of other hippos or perhaps contribute in some other way to hippo research or conservation?

Joan Peters Can I have her? Or at least swim with her? I drove 9 hours this weekend to see her. Worth every mile.

Casey Hawkins Does she have any developmental delays, or is she all caught up with where she should be for a hippo her age?

Julie Knight Tobin Will she eventually not remember her human care givers or is there an imprint that will remain forever?

Marica Dorrance Do you think showing the process of going through all of this with Fiona will be what inspires some young people to go into a career in zookeeping? And if so, how does being that kind of inspiration make you feel?

Ruby Ann Milligan-Himes Are you able to keep any kind of person to hippo relationship going with Fiona as she gets older? I'd be devastated to have to give up the closeness.

Claire Nelson How are you not constantly squealing at her cuteness?
Do you find yourself comparing everyone in your life to Fiona? 
How much of your day do you spend thinking about Fiona? 
When you're not with her does your life seem pointless? 
Do you sometimes daydream about running away with Fiona happily ever after? 
Do you tell her your secrets? 
Is she a good listener? 
What does she smell like? 
Do you have to resist the urge to wobble her neck rolls?

13. Fiona the hippo watermelon

Courtney Lee-Schwander As she starts to get bigger, will you have to reduce direct interactions with her? If so, how is that humanly possible since she's so adorable and I'm sure you all are so attached to this sweet girl!

Michele Adler Cooley Myerson Is Fiona still as lovable as she was as a tiny baby, and does she act safely with her care team now that she is 500 lbs?

Annmarie Hibbard I want to be able to love on her!! We was able to see her through glass. We took alot of pics!

Care team you all are amazing and have raised an awesome animal. Thank you.

Emily Solin Does fiona seem to recognize each of you, does she still try to interact with you all since you guys were a huge part of raising her? Amazing job to all of you for your hard work its been so much fun to see the photos and videos. I plan on making a trip soon from Minnesota hoping for a chance to see her and kendi.

Neenah Lynch Will she be staying in Cincinnati? Or will she be transferred to another zoo to further a breeding program?

14. Fiona the hippo with mom 

Heather Bergland Was it hard to step away and let Fiona be a normal hippo? I mean it must have been ya'll had such a close relationship with her and now she needs to thrive on her own (with mom and dad)

Kimberly Mayfield When working with hippos in captivity, do they exhibit the same dangerous territorialism they do in the wild, or are they more complacent with the presence of humans in their territory? And, if they do exhibit the territorialism, does it apply to hippos born in the wild? And at what age does it begin? (A lot of questions on the same topic, I hope that's ok!)

Debra Templeman How are you adjusting to not having all the close physical contact with Fiona now that she is so big? I can’t imagine spending so much close, physical time with her for so many months and then having to give that up!

Sara K Stange I would seriously want to hold and hug her all day long! She is so adorable! And super thankful we get to watch her grow. Amazing little hippo! I’d have to ask what things you’ve done as her caretakers that may be similar to the care of human babies, besides obvious bottle feedings. Do you find your selves singing nursery rhymes!? I would probably sing her Gayla Peevys Hippopotamus for Christmas non stop! Being a hippo care taker is my ultimate ideal job!

Sue Edwards Goetzinger Does she interact differently with you now since she is in her hippo bloat or she still feel connected to her human mothers?

15. Fiona the hippo wallpaper

Jackie Yarlott No question but whole lotta thank you's for sharing this, in a time of daily bad news Fiona was wonderful diversion, she is pure joy and I love the little hippo 

Tina Nicole Kraucz I have a combo comment and question. My comment is Zoo and Care Team: thank you for the care given to precious Fiona and updates given to us . Fiona, you're an inspiration for staying strong sweet girl . God Bless you all.

My question to the Care Team is simple I'm working on going back to veterinary assistant school for a career furthering working with animals like in a zoo setting, so would you give Fiona a hug for me, so I have that good vibe from her to get me through school 


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Danielle Ferraro How long before you stop physical contact with her or do you? I just hear how aggressive hippos are in the wild wasn't sure if that was true in captivity also.

Crys Harris How hard was it for you, after spending all that time nursing her, comforting her, keeping her company and learning to love her so much, to back away from her as she drew closer to her mother? 

16. Fiona the hippo tv show

Regina Allen King Chenevey I also can't wait to see how her relationship develops with those caregivers who were with her from the start especially the sweet lady who spent countless nights with her. I would think she would be very attached to her.

Jane Lauderdale Kopf Fiona loves people. She has known love and support from her human care team every day of her life. What safety measures are you putting in place so that you can maintain that contact that she will continue to want and need? Great job to all of you who have brought her to the healthy happy place where she is today.

Lorie Warren I suspect its hard to have growth charts for hippos but…how is she doing for her age and is her muscle development where it needs to be for her weight. (I know thats two questions but they are related no?).

Jenni Bauerschmidt Would all the members of Fiona's care team, including those from the Cincinnati Childrens' Hospital contribute their memories and new knowledge into a book? I am certain you could find a publisher willing to support you and guarantee you will have plenty of buyers in line for their own copy!

17. Fiona the hippo teeth

Susan Marie How can I hug all of you at the same time for all your love, dedication, hard work, long hours, turmoil of emotions you must have gone through to get Fiona to where she is today? You gave her life and helped to nurture her until her parents could. Thank you for this beautiful family. Big hugs to all! You’re just as special as Fiona is!

Rhonda Ward Will you be able to maintain the special bond between Fiona and caregivers? Thank you for caring for her so well. Fiona always looks like she is smiling. So cute.

Suzy Harrelson Now you all have to make T-shirts with her cuteness on them. they would go like hotcakes. this picture of her would be perfect on them or the pic of the family together. mama Febe, papa Henry and of course precious Fiona.

18. Fiona the hippo toys

Brandi Remotigue Is Fiona as stubborn and sassy as she seems, and if so, do any of you ever get overwhelmingly frustrated? 

Kathleen Demler Back I also drove all the way from Buffalo so my son Henry and I could meet her before he started kindergarten! How do I meet her in person???? She is so sweet and precious! I've been following her from day 1 and look forward to my daily updates and love the Fiona Show!!! I cried when I met her through the glass!

Katie Kaye Does she show any adverse signs from her early birth? Will the zoo keep her or send her to another zoo? They would be nuts to do that!

Jennifer Ingalsbe Rice Do you think Bibi or Henry realize Fiona belongs to them? I remember y'all saying they didn't get to imprint, but now that they are together, do you think they have figured it out?

Bev Celano I know hippos are very dangerous but because these hippos are not in the wild, I'd like to know if Mom & Dad would be ok if a staff member went in their pool when they were in it or would they be harmed by Henry or Phoebe.

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19. Fiona the hippo tee shirts

Hazel Camba How is she able to float so easily. Bubble bladders in her skin or something? I have a lot of ah, er….fat and I don't float as well.

Mary Ann Lococo I have a big bathtub. Can she live with me? If not, can i hug her? I'm so glad she's getting big and flourishing. She's a sweetie.

April Howard Will they still be able to get so close to her when she is 3000 pounds because of the relationship established as a baby?

Geri Schick When she gets led enough to have her own little hippo, how do you think she'll act, especially when around the people and caregivers….very protective or showing off?

20. Fiona the hippo tweets

Jazzmin Loo Loo Calhoun Probably….did any of you have to take some sort of special class for the care of Fiona seeing as she was premature? Or was care much like that of a to term hippo but with a bit more care?

Rhonda Daugherty At times I have seen Bibi stay asleep and Henry follow Fiona and block her in shallow water to protect her. At what weight/age will Fiona have independence to move about as she pleases .It seems like she already wants it sometimes.

John Powers What do you say to each other about her coloring, particularly that horizontal stripe below her eye. Is it something you talk about amongst yourselves. Is how her skin looks a topic of discussion?

21. Fiona the hippo today

Elaine Bjd Do you notice a difference between Fiona and mom when it comes to wanting to be close to humans because you all took care of her since she was born???
Love from Sweden

Shelley Jones Lively I have seen in several pictures and videos that she appears to have a small scar or sunken place over her little back left hip. Did she scratch herself? Little birthmark maybe? Just curious

fiona the hippo bite

Fiona the hippo 

22. Fiona the hippo twitter

Susan Sheppard Staton Where does Fiona and family go in the winter and how much longer will we be able to see her before it gets too cold?

Trista D Vasvary How amazing does it feel to just squeeze her? I'd be hugging her all the time! That's why I'm here loving her from afar and you all are the awesome team making sure she is as hippo as hippo can be! Thank you!

Regina Allen King Chenevey I want to know about those little feathery looking things that were on her her toes when she was born. Was it just skin or what?

Susan Cox Will there ever come a time when you won't be able to pet her little head and face because she will turn "wild"?

Carrie E. Webb Does the staff still get close to Fiona and touch her? Or now that she is with her parents did you have to cut off human interaction?

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23. Fiona the hippo souvenirs

Debbie Fields Will she thrive after she is not human supervised? Love Fiona. Thanks you to all the zoo personnel in charge of her care and sharing her story.

Polly Schutte-Brown Did Bibi go thru mourning or withdrawal when the keepers made the decision after Fiona's birth to remove Fiona and hand raise her?

Sarina Rutz First – thanks to all of u for the amazing job u have done to keep Fiona alive and to get her back with her family. Will he zoo be keeping 3 Hippos? What is her favorite thing to eat?

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