Puerto Rico Update: Only 7% of Puerto Rico has power

Puerto Rico Update

Only 7% (5% yesterday) of Puerto Rico has power. This was the reaction, Saturday, in Levittown when the power trucks rolled into town and the lights (intermittently) came on, in some areas

"It was a negligent and for me criminal" 
Puerto Rico’s Secretary of State, Luis G. Rivera Marín, went to Patillas today after receiving allegations that relief aid was being mishandled – what he discovered prompted him to call local and federal authorities. I just spoke with him about what he saw, and what, he says, the mayor of the municipality told him after being confronted.

Many updates tonight:
*"Alphabet" gets green light to fly balloons over PR & USVI to provide cell phone service
*"Comfort" is circling the island
*There's a boil advisory 
*Every Mayor has a satellite phone 
*Shout out to Chef José Andrés

April the Giraffe Store

San Juan Mayor Yulin Cruz released this statement confirming that she has accepted an invitation to attend a briefing with President Trump: "this is about saving lives, not about politics"

Viewers react to Puerto Rico Update:

Bill Zapata I know that you need access to electricity and some type of communications. Please go to the southwest part of the island. I have family in Cabo Rojo and they are telling me a that they (Cabo Rojo) needs help. Record what you see, then go back to San Juan and broadcast it.

Luiggie Diaz Echevestre David Begnaud for guest of honor next Puerto Rico day parade in NY!!?? No one has deserved it like he has

Maria Rios  We understand the electricity but what about the running water? AAA needs to be forthcoming about their issues. They posted in a press release about water 24 hrs on and 24 hrs off and that didn't happen in my neighborhood in Vega Baja (barrio Guarico)

Anthony Xavier Aguilar If large power transformers are destroyed by a geomagnetic disturbance (GMD) electromagnetic pulse (EMP), cyber-attack, sabotage, severe weather, floods, or simply old age, parts or all of the electric grid could be down in a region for 6 months to 2 years.

Vivian Guzman There is an elderly brother and sister that are home bound because of the sister's dementia. He is 90+ and lives in a Dorado. How can you get food and water to them?

Elliot Duprey Just watch this video And it is appalling the way they are treating Puerto Rico. Mr. Trump you are freaking hypocrite Puerto Rico should not welcome you .The puerto rican people should know who you truly are que viva Puerto Rico libre.

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