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Since our report last night that FEMA has approved “TSA” – FEMA asked that the Puerto Rican government push back on our reporting in a joint statement. That joint statement was just issued, and this video explains what’s gone on behind the scenes, today.

Statement from the Government of Puerto Rico and FEMA

A vast majority of Puerto Rico housing was affected by Hurricane Maria’s landfall. In order to meet the demand for post storms safe housing, the Government of Puerto Rico and FEMA are looking at a unique range of housing options that best meet the needs of the residents of Puerto Rico.

The Government of Puerto Rico and FEMA have discussed what are the best short term sheltering options and Transitional Sheltering Assistance is one of the programs that has been discussed. While this option is often an effective means of ensuring displaced disaster survivors have safe, immediate shelter, there are significant limitations that must first be weighed before a decision and implementation can be made. FEMA and the Government of Puerto Rico are working positively and collaboratively to design the most effective program.

FEMA is working quickly and constructively to address the Governor’s request, which is still under evaluation. In the meantime, displaced residents are staying with family and friends or in emergency shelters, more than 2,000 blue roofs have been installed, and more than $120 million in financial assistance has been provided to Puerto Ricans

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Viewer reacted to Puerto Rico News

Rosa Aboeshera Why i ask is this happening to people that deserves so much help ,all i can say is that God is with us and thanks for everything that you continue to do for the people of Puerto Rico you are truly amazing bless your heart David Amen!

Maria E Pagan Casiano OMG, these people FEMA is getting out of hand. These people need shelters not them are you kidding me. What is wrong with this government. Thank you David Begnaud for keeping us updated. What they are doing to PR is appalling and disgraceful. I am so disgusted with this government.

Mari Vega Ain’t that some shit. FEMA approved TSA for Houston the same day it was requested, but for Puerto Rico it’s still under evaluation. And why did the governor wait over three weeks to even request this??!! They are all corrupt. David keep on doing what you have been, asking the pertinent question and hounding them until they give an answer. Blessings to you and your crew. love your  Puerto Rico News

Judy Cardona Acevedo Starting to wonder if this is "good investigative reporting", or if there is a hidden agenda behind this push to get Puertoricans out of the island. As the TSA issue is really being pushed by Begnaud. Haven't read about it anywhere else. Haven't heard anyone asking questions about it other then CBS via this reporter, and other mainstream media picking up on it.

What Begnaud fails to mention is that TSA on the mainland would naturally work different than in PR, merely because of the type of land mass and it’s separation by water. Transportation for starters is the main difference both out of the Island, and for ppls return to the Island. What possible motive is there for getting ppl off the island onto the mainland. They can vote in mid-term elections while on the mainland. What happens to Borinquen if her ppl leave. What if Mr. Hernandez of FEMA is correct in what he stated in an interview today to Geovanni Brignoin, that with the new planned and improved infrastructure on the Island property values will go through the sky. Is that why TSA is being pushed to get ppl to leave their homes and property? And it obviously is not the Federal or local government pushing TSA.


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