Prince Harry and Meghan Markle Interview and Update

Prince Harry and Meghan

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle open up about their relationship after announcing their engagement

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Clarence House announced the happy couple's engagement yesterday on a day of royal drama in which the pair gave their first ever joint interview hours after posing at a photocall in Kensington Gardens.

The wedding has been tipped to take place in March as no previous royal engagement has lasted longer than five months.


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And the ceremony is not expected to coincide with Duchess of Cambridge and Prince William expecting their third child, due in April.

Yesterday, Prince Harry and Meghan revealed how he got down on one knee to pop the question while they were roasting a chicken at home.

The happy couple gave their first ever joint interview to the BBC's Mishal Husain at 6pm, lasting over 20 minutes, hours after their engagement was confirmed.

Viewers reacted:

Tommy Wade ·Just another human being, why do people idolize other people to this point. Same with football and basketball players, ridiculous. I look up to our military much more than any celebrity or politician.

Rose Hartless-Bogan Princess Dianna would be soooo happy and proud of her boys BOTH of them. 
I'm sure she is smiling down upon them BOTH also.

Linda K. Carlson Well playboy Prince Harry, she's got one divorce under her belt already so we know what she thinks about her wedding vows and the sanctity of marriage. I will predict one child and give the whole thing 8 years before you are messy divorce tabloid headlines.

Karl Fowler His Grandmother must be so proud. I'm sure she always wanted another American in the family, especially a mulatto from Hollywood who's also a divorcee. Excellent choice Harry.

Russell Connie The trolls saying these horrible things should be ashamed. It is disgusting what people now say about people you don't even know!!! The fact that you just can't be happy for them and move on is proof that you all were raised very poorly.

Sara Kaufman I can see that he is in love. She seems insincere and it appears, to me, as though she she is going through the motions and in love with the fact that she is engaged to a Prince. Maybe he should date her as long as he dated the last girl he was in a long relationship with, and see if the luster wears off.

Beverly Rowe American People the ones on here who are so jealous it's killing them could take a lesson in how careful they speak how much love they have for one another… nice people young love is wonderful….to bad you don't have it.

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