Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds a press briefing 1/4/2018

Press Secretary Sarah Sanders holds a press briefing 1/4/2018

"These great results are just the beginning."

At The White House press briefing, President Donald J. Trump shared this message about the tax reform bill.

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Viewers reacted:

Rebecca Lopez · I love our president! I finally have some hope for our country! I just wish the evil left and Rinos would leave him alone and let him do his job without all these phony scandals they make up!

Karen Whitcomb  Barrack Obama said, in 2016: "There is no magic wand to bring back jobs. Jobs are just not coming back"

Ray Rottler  Hillary is home popping Prozac today, upset the fire at her house was caused by the IMPLODING home server.

Cynthia Petty ·Never mind all the trolls on here. They are just jealous that all they had to offer was Obama for the last 8 years and Elizabeth Warren in the future..lmbo

Stephen Gannon  I think if a reporter asks a fake news question OR writes a fake news story, their press credentials should be taken away!

Jim DeMichele · Almost hysterical that these same obsessed partisan hacks had nothing but disdain for Steve Bannon, now because of their bias, think he is all of a sudden credible and right on.

Kim Steere Bowman ·Medical marijuana helps my son’s ulcerative colitis pain SO MUCH. Pls tell the President not to let Sessions go in a bad direction with a crackdown. Thx

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