President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, December 12th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, December 12th:
· Sign H.R. 2810, National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2018
· Meeting with Deputy Secretary of State John Sullivan and United States Ambassador to Japan William Hagerty

Trump says Democrats are reviving sexual harassment accusations because the Russia probe is faltering

President Donald Trumps schedule for Tuesday, December 12th President Donald Trumps schedule for Tuesday, December 12th

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Viewers reacted

Der Hur Good morning PresidentTrump. Part of draining the swamp involves locking up everyone that colluded with russia in the uranium one scandal. 

Regis Guimond TRUMP has changed the Game. Doesn't need donations. Therefore Donators don't get their free passes anymore.
That's the behind reason of all the fakes out there.

La Verne Benner Keep up the Good work Mr. President. 
I would love to see you stop the use of Social Security Money for Anything other than social security benefits. We have paid into that retirement fund all our lives. It should have never been tapped into for any other use. If a company raids it's employee retirement funds it's against the law. It should be against the law to draw out of Social Security for Anything other than Social Security Benefits for those America Citizens who have Paid Into it. Thank you for listening Mr. President.

Niki Bak As a citizen of any country in the world nothing compares to the feeling of security by implementing Law&Order in one's country. Our beloved genius President has been one of the best U.S. Presidents of all times.
WE 64M+ know what made this country so great to be the dream of every immigrant in the world.
WE 64M+ know what American values mean to us and every dreamer in the world.
WE 64M+ know sacrifices made to keep our Constitution of the United States of America alive!
WE 64M+ are fast learners & WILL NOT trust everything FAKE comes out of any network with globalism nor socialism agenda.
WE 64M+ love our Capitalism status & WE have never liked nor approved the "begger" attitude injected to our system of lives by Hussein and his crooked administration.
WE 64M+ trust&support our beloved genius President.
God Speed Trump.

Anita Landoll Heavenly Creator, Loving Parent, Divine Providence, Almighty, please bless the USA and bless President Trump. Increase our territory for You. Keep Your Hand on US. Keep US from evil, and keep evil away from US. Help US to do no harm. May Your Reign come, may Your Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven. For Yours is the Reign, and the Power, and the Glory, Forever and Ever.

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