President Donald Trump Weekly Address 12/16/17

President Donald Trump Weekly Address 12/16/17

"Ending chain migration and also ending the visa lottery will allow us to have commonsense immigration rules that promote assimilation and wage growth. It also promotes, most importantly, safety."

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Viewers reacted:

Colleen Rodi O'Longhorn Trump's grandfather, Friedrich, emigrated to the US from Bavaria as a barber at 16, fleeing military service. Then he brought his family here

Morris Ramsey You are doing a great job, trying to do the things that are best for Americans and America, thanks Sir. The democrat party and their media are doing everything they can to spread misinformation and wording everything to change peoples perception of your intentions, the media is sick. I hear it everyday on WTOP News

Eboli Smith I'm still wondering why Trump closed the doors on countries that never attacked USA and left the door open for countries which HAVE attacked USA. It is a wonder, isn't it?

Joe Watkins President Donald Trump will be in the White House for the second term.There is no doubt that we have a great guy. America is transforming to be greater. I will definitely vote for him again..Trump2020

Mark Honeck You and your wife's family benifited from family migration. If this was started earlier, we would not have a President Trump or First Lady Malonia. But that would require you to have empathy..

Michael O'Brien Making sure people who are on federal watch list cannot purchase firearms will help with safety. But you and all your NRA from his are not in favor of that.

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