President Donald Trump delivers remarks on Tax Reform.

We're at The White House as Pres. Donald J. Trump delivers remarks on the GOP tax bill. Today, House and Senate Republicans neared an agreement on a framework to reconcile their two bills.

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Viewers reacted:

Ronnie Jones ·The country's growth is from the work that Obama did. Now this POS IS trying to take credit. Oh and this tax bill is crap.

John Crowley ·Thanks President Dump for trying to ruin our country. Your followers all have their brown shirts on today.

Jim Dundas Reality. He could care less about these people. It’s all about tax breaks for the extreme wealthy the Eliminate; of the inheritance tax, so his kids ca; do nothing with more money

Matthew Angell · We should pay more taxes our government needs cash very badly. Think about our poor senators there forced to send there kids to public schools.

Lisa John Shroyer I wish only his supporters were suffering his consequences, but they are too dumb to see what he is doing. Only one news outlet is telling the truth? How can you be that brainwashed.

Brenda Ann Shetley Those of us who don't like him don't have to leave this country we have that right that's what makes this a free country so get over it

Michelle Anne Wow! What judgmental incompetent comments.. he hasn’t even finished and you negative people are commenting.. talk about ignorance.. hold your comments until you listen to the entire message.. then post.. here!

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