President Donald J Trumps schedule for Wednesday December 6th

President Donald J Trumps schedule for Wednesday December 6th :
· Cabinet Meeting
· Give statement on Jerusalem

President Donald J Trumps schedule for Wednesday December 6th

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Viewers reacted to President Donald J Trumps schedule for Wednesday December 6th 
David Goddard Jerusalem is very important. And I know the Deep State, elites, establishment and liberals will do everything they can to prevent this. Almighty God set Jerusalem up under King David. And one day we will all see the New Jerusalem. God Bless you and cover you and your family with his protection.

Erik Allermann The walls are closing in, Donny. Flynn has flipped (remember when Obama told you not to hire him? You should have listened), your tax bill is wildly unpopular, other world leaders hate you (even our closest allies), you've gotten no major legislation passed yet… is that winning? I can't tell if that's winning

Jennie Mpole Declaring another country’s capital all by yourself. Is he doing this for America first or? Why shall he always interfer in other countries? I hope that the citizens in America soon will understand how dangerous he is.

Ron Martin President Trump, Mueller and his special counsel investigation, is the one that needs to be investigated. Mueller is a total fraud. How many whiners and cryers are with us today?

Onodugo Onu Nworie-Eze The entire Christian community all over the world await this historic moment for the fulfillment of this global impact campaign promise of yours. May GOD Bless you with the Wisdom to Excel in your presidency with continuous tremendous achievements for GOD and humanity. Amen!!! Ride on President Donald J. Trump, posterity shall certainly preserve your legacies and place you in high esteem.

Dan Ch We are already prepared for that "Rage Day", just like always, when our neighbors don't get what they want they call a day of being pissed. I'm glad someone finally stands up with a pair to understand that their behavior is childish. Thanks you mister president of the United States of America, we are always behind you!

Ed Douda IMHO, I think the end of net neutrality is a huge mistake. And I don't know how making a statement as controversial as the one about Jerusalem is putting America first. Stirring up potential terrorist activity is putting Americans at risk. Not putting them first.

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