President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, November 14th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Tuesday, November 14th (beginning 11:15pm EST):
· 12th East Asia Summit Head of State and Government Luncheon
· 12th East Asia Summit family photo
· 12th East Asia Summit plenary session
· Travel to Washington, D.C.

President Donald Trump

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Viewers reacted:

Edgar A Garrido Sad that I was not able to get close to your motorcade while vacationing in Manila, to greet you Sr.!, But, let me tell you, people on the streets love you!.

Barbara Gregory Lt Tony Shacfer is totally right in what he had to say about Brannon and Clapper….Trump is always right, this is his game of chess, very intelligent man.

Lynn Maxey Weldon I'll never grasp the absurdity and foolishness of people who troll on his posts. Just grow up and quit displaying your ignorance. What don"t you like? The jobs numbers, the GDP, the optimism that's been nowhere to be seen for the previous eight yeas. Some people just prefer misery I guess.

Joan Luyk Boomers He needs our prayers as he returns home. I can imagine he is very tired and will need to get caught up on his sleep.Very tough going in and out of all those different time zones

Mike Marston So proud you are our President! Hopefully, we can get a special council to investigate the special investigators (Mueller, Rosenberg, and Comey) who are investing you and Russia…all of this hidden crime revolves around Uranium and Russia!

Riviera Bailey I'll tell ya- you haters are really something- since when has such disrespect for the office become such a past time? you didn't say any of this with any of others in office- just because you may not like the man, try to show a little decorum with referring to the president of this country

Mary Law Have a blessed day, Mr. President Donald J. Trump, and a safe flight home. We left the light on, in the People's House, for you. Please get some good rest, when you return. Thank you, sir, our First Lady, and all your team, for representing the U.S. so well. To the press, my prayer is that you, and all in the media, will return to unbiased, truthful reporting.

David Powell The mice are starting to get out of hand; time for the cat to return. I've noticed both the left and right seem to increasingly off track since President Donald J. Trump left the country. The tax bill needs some close supervision, as the Senate is starting to play games.

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