President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Tuesday, January 9th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Tuesday, January 9th:
· Meeting with bipartisan members of the Senate on immigration
· Signs an Executive Order on “Supporting our Veterans during their Transition from Uniformed Service to Civilian Life”
· Meeting with Secretary of Defense James Mattis

Trump stands for national anthem at NCAA game


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Micha Kante Please do remember southern Cameroon. They are been kill on daily basis like fouls. Do everything possible to save this people

Jayne Boyer Donald J. Trump, Please let the "dreamers" get in line like everyone else who wants to be a legal citizen. That way INS can determine who is in fact a dreamer and likely asset to our beleaguered and multi-trillion in debt nation, and who is a likely freeloader. Thank you

Sonya Rita Notice all the haters are from other countries. Don't engage with these losers.It puts their comment to the top. Trump is a hard working President that could of chosen a pretty good private life. Instead he chose to help Americans because he saw first hand the corruption thanks to Obama. People better start realizing that its a good thing he's not the typical politician. He can't be bought. It scares the traitors on both sides. The media is a direct arm of socialist DNC. Wake up folks!!!!!!

Valentin Hernandez Thank you mr president for all the hard work you have been doing for this country I'm glad now you are looking to help our vets they deserve all the help we can give them without those brave men and women our country will defenseless I'm glad that there is someone that finally is going to do something about our war heroes

Kathleen Iselin Thank you, President Trump, for the amazing job you're doing! May God be with you today, and everyday! P.S. Can you PLEASE recommend what can be said to the completely brainwashed progressive liberal left that is in mind-controlled lynchmob mode…..I've never seen anything like this in my life….it really DOES seem that we might be in the last days, this is so extreme… there ANYTHING that can be done or said to these folks to help them snap out of their delusional thinking???? In the meantime….let's all PRAY daily, that God see fit to remove the spiritual blinders from the eyes (and ears) of those who seem to be refusing to see and hear!

Tracy Harbaugh Can you help the truck drivers out and stop the eld for everyone not just except some from it. It was a bad law and hos needs to be changed from 14 to more hours please. Talk to real truck drivers not the paid to get into groups or the big companies but talk to the real drivers out here providing for our families.


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