President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, November 16th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Thursday, November 16th
· Remarks to the House Republican Conference at the U.S. Capitol

donald j trumps schedule friday november 10th

Donald J. Trump

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Viewers reacted:

Ramon Duran We the people trust you and thanks God for you but We need some democrats liberals traitors in federal prison before they do more damage to America.
Mr. President thanks for rescue this great nation and Christianity

KA Adamson We the people want monthly progress reports from ALL politicians on what they do day to day, we want their schedules posted daily….enough paying these bums for nothing but fighting the duly elected President.

Misttina Brownfield I am so glad you are home! Have a blessed day President Trump! Get that tax plan passed in Congress Republicans!

Melissa Garrett-Mendoza Dear President Trump, I am an avid supporter and have always stood up for you against any naysayers that come my way. I am disappointed, however, with your decision to lift the ban on importing "trophys" from African nations. Please reconsider this. Elephants are hunted and subjected to enough torture as it is. Please don't do this. Respectfully, a supporter. #MAGA

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