President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Monday, January 8th

President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Monday, January 8th:
· Travel to Nashville, TN 
· Remarks at the American Farm Bureau Federation’s Annual Convention
· Travel to Marietta, GA
· Attend the the NCAA National Ch

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Viewers reacted:

Stan Piznarski Electing Donald Trump for president was the right choice.Now America is way better positioned politically economically,respect,safety. I’ll definitely vote for him again.America is rising again. .Trump

Barbra Aper Thank you Mr. President!!! You are doing a fantastic job!!! God bless! Please remember to hold strong with the Democrats on DACA. WE WANT THE WALL for security. Please tell the First Lady we are so very proud of her and everything she does. Thanks again for making America Great Again

Yoeli Oshri Good morning my President. Have a blessing day. Stay strong and keep leading the country. Please ignore the haters, the mad jealous, the MSM, the Hippocrates, the double faces, the losers, the trolls, the whiners, the nutjobs and those against you. We the People are with you and 100% have your back

Sam Intrabartolo You're doing EXACTLY what we elected you to do. With no help at all. After a year on the job, things will get even better…oh,, and thank you for cutting my small business tax to 21%…I may even hire someone now…

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