President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, January 5th:

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Friday, January 5th:
· Travel to to Camp David
· Participate in Congressional Republican Leadership Retreat

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Friday, January 5th:

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Viewers reacted:

Thomas Hodder More goal setting. This is great, hopefully getting congress onboard. We need the infra structure attacked and should be supported by all. This will give a huge shot to the economy with the condition that everything is USA made. Unfortunately it will show our weakness in the people to support it. Keep it going.

Nancy Wofford Safe journey to Camp David, Mr President. You are keeping the animals excited in their cages. Please consider a move regarding AG. Sessions seems to be a good guy but not the kind of fighter you need at the top.

Joyce Clarke Kocsis We don't believe what anyone says about the president and we are the ones that vote. So keep it up pinheads. Every time you mess with him, more people jump on the Trump train

John Westerman On the Astral i've been going through your documentation with you and we (you) have dotted the I's and crossed the T's, they are watertight and we (you) are extremely confident. Went back to sleep and woke up saying aloud (so i would not forget) TOG, GOT, Go Time. And now you say you're going to Camp David and we know that serious stuff goes on there so to let you know it's all GO and everything is in place. Peace be with you good sir.

Jim Hendon Bannon, drunk Christian dominist. Fired for leaking to Alex Jones and being an abusive 5hit. Upon waking up after his liquid lunch reports are in when asked about the book he said "Where am I, have you seen my underpants?"

Michelle Caldwell Fire and Fury …. once again you and your corrupt family are being called out, no way of getting out of this one!!! It's sad you've told so many lies you can't keep up with them anymore but don't worry the intelligent Americans are keeping track of them!

Wade Titcombe I voted for you and will again. YOu have exceeded my expectations by leaps and bounds. Don't give up on the border wall, Put the Justice Dept in full swing against liberal states for voter fraud. Make America Great Again by Making the FBI and the Justice Dept Great again.

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