President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Friday, January 12th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Friday, January 12th:
· Signs a proclamation to honor Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. Day
· Annual physical exam
· Travel to Palm Beach, FL

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Friday, January 12th 


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Stephen Robinson So sad to hear you’ve cancelled your visit to the U.K… the pathetic liberals seam to think they have won some sort of victory… I’d just like to point out a majority of the country feels very differently about your visit… mouthy liberals are naturally vocal but they do not speak for the U.K. as a whole…

Tina Chittom Donald J. Trump Thank you for being frank about the conditions of Third World countries and calling a spade a spade. You do not need to apologize to anyone.

Amie Beth Castellini I think you are doing good things for America, but you need to apologize for your recent remarks. Nobody is perfect and we all make mistakes. The good news is that we can correct our mistakes, ask for forgiveness and then try to be the best person we can be. Please do this as the American people deserve it.

Joshua Hallet Stand with Donald Trump and tell Congress to Keep Government Funding Permanently Please as We Make America Safe and Secure Again and Always Donald Trump and Family and Mike Pence as Presidents of the United States of America and All Lives Matters and Always Donald Trump and Save America and Keep America Red Permanently Forever. #MAGA.

Scott Baker Keep it up man! You're doing a hell of a job. And I don't blame you for not going to London obviously Khan and Corbin run that town now and it's totally separate from the rest of the UK.

So Diane Have a great day……. On another note, Please secure our borders, and build the wall, don't sign until we get what we want, PLEASE!! don't give in. So worried for our country.

Paula J Drummond Build the Wall and put it where the border patrol people say it’s needed and in the same bill deal with Daca so that problem STOPS. Must end chain migration. We must take care of our own. American’s who have worked here all their life need to be cared for before anyone else. Period

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