President Donald J. Trump’s schedule for Monday, December 4th

President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Monday, December 4th:
· Travel to Salt Lake City, UT
· Meet with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Leaders
· Tour The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints Welfare Square
· Remarks at the Utah State Capitol
· Travel to Washington, D.C.

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In pair of early-morning tweets, Pres. Donald J. Trump says "we need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama." Moore has faced calls from GOP lawmakers to step aside amid multiple accusations of sexual misconduct.

"We need Republican Roy Moore to win in Alabama," Trump tweeted Monday morning. Moore has been accused by multiple women of pursuing romantic and sexual relationships with them when they were teen girls.

Viewers reacted to President Donald J. Trump's schedule for Monday, December 4th

Butch R. Davis Dear President Trump. I have information (corroborated) that Robert Muller consistently used FBI equipment valued at over $10,000.00. for personal use…and bragged about it. There is also proof on his personal computer of illegal use of that equipment.

Tim Kisamore Still would like an end to pay and benefits for life,mandatory participation in the same programs and laws as the rest of us, and a Medicaid card issued to vets with their DD214's. That would end the V.A. medical fiasco.

President Donald J Trumps schedule for Monday December 4th

President Donald J Trumps

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Jim Williams Here's an Idea, If you-all are worried about Trump turning over land in the National Parks to the states, you-all could get together and start a Go Fund Me account, cough up some money, set up a trust, and buy the land.

John Dawson Trolls, this is called "Presidential." I know, I know, you haven't seen it in eight years, no wonder you're stupefied.

Garric Logan Good morning you lying narcissistic criminal. We look forward to the additional indictments. I'm looking forward to your resignation and the subsequent removal of yourself and your family members from positions within our government.

Jay Samdiego When you coming to california. I will call in sick just to see you in person. That would be the best christmas gift ever

Kiskhan Kweon Dear Trump president. We want wonderful x mas event. Strike against North Korea. Preventative war. Annihilate red evil regime of Pyungyang totalitarianism. Kill communists and KIM pig. Give north korean freedom and human right.

Karen Oliver-Burnett Thank you so much for only caring about the rich and royally screwing over the middle class and this is what you call MAGA really, shame on you and your administration that will all be taking down by the FBI Investigation and then we will have a big party to celebrate

Colleen Anderson Thank you sir. We all know Washington can only "own" ten square miles of land. That being Washington D.C. The land grab by the Federal government has got to be stopped in the Western states.

Erwin Saderac Pioh Mr. President, Holy Bible had written clear about Christ, First Christ was born in Spring Season and Second Christ gave a teaching how to the Christ ‘s fellow should go Worship in Saturday such as Christ did it every Saturday, and is that Church of Jesus Christ believes? However, have good luck on POTUS Schedule today.

Meshulam Elliane Howitt If I remember correctly you said that you were going to transfer the US embassy to Jerusalem the day after you'll be elected. You're a bit late…. Do that today as well!

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