President Donald J. Trump and other Republican leaders speak live from Camp David.

Pres. Trump speaking at Camp David tells press, "the collusion now is dead," insisting there has been no collusion with Russia, saying, "now there has been collusion between Hillary Clinton, the DNC, and the Russians." 


Viewers reacted:

Janet Bullard · Put Obama and Hillary in jail,too, not just their goons— and Holder, Lynch and Comey.

Vo Anh Kiet ·Bravo President! Yes you are genius! You have beaten dozen famous Republican politicians like hell and Hillary in landslide! Incontrovertible evidence!

Dawn Scarbrough Hutto · Back on track! Taking the country back before the liberals run it into the ground!

Linda O'Kane · By not voti g Republican is another vote for Democrats and their agenda

David Carlos · The Democratic Party is a non Party now…. if you can’t beat GOP, join them liberals,

Roger Thibault ·Only 147 Haters so far out of over 5,200 reactions. Some, "Majority" aren't they?

Patricia Marchand Auricchio ·How embarrassing for theses so called men…remember theirs faces

Shirley Wilson Emery · No DACA! No Amnesty! No Benefits to illegals! E verify! No illegal votes! We wouldn't need the wall.

Lori Burnash-Hayes ·Yes Irene I agree he is doing exactly what he said! We are better for it everyday!

Christine Haymond · BK Lichtenfel, so you're saying that ALL people in CA, including Republicans, should be deported?

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