Pres. Donald J. Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold a joint press conference

President Donald J. Trump and first lady Melania Trump attend a state dinner in Beijing, China.

Pres. Donald J. Trump and Chinese President Xi Jinping hold a joint press conference

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Vierers reacted

Kree Kennedy  I wake up and thank the good Lord every day that he is our President. I actually feel sorry for those who can't appreciate what an incredible human being this man is.

Gloriaandfrank Hoover  He is the only president that doesn't get a salary. He wanted the job to help our country get our jobs back and to enforce security.

Sherry Harbison ·Even our allies had started to despise & disrespect our country! Because of our disgusting president! Now anyone can see the respect that greets our Potus where-ever he goes

Kim Pruden  Hed lie about anything. Hes done all presidency hasn't fixed any of it! How you know he truly doesn't drink?

Liz DaCosta  Actually… I really like the Asian culture.. I have a few family members that are among the Asian practices.. But then I have a lot of family that are of different races and cultures.

Butch Walden Such a warm welcome from China for our POTUS and FLOTUS. Thank yu and hello from America! Safe travels Mr President

Byron Mccollough Good morning to the greatest president that ever lived and the most beautiful first lady America has ever had

Deborrah Williams  VI Lyles won the Mayoral seat here in Charlotte NC. We are so proud of her. A strong black woman and is and will be a great leader for Queen Charlotte! 

Betsy Ferro Brooks Praying God gives him wisdom in dealing with foreign dignitaries, and watches over and protects our leaders as they travel.

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