Pittsburgh Zoo : Elephant Calf Has Passed Away

 Pittsburgh Zoo Elephant Calf Has Passed Away

It is with broken hearts that we inform you that our elephant calf has passed away. “Our hearts are broken, it’s just devastating,” says Dr. Barbara Baker, President & CEO of the Pittsburgh Zoo & PPG Aquarium. “She touched so many people in such a short time. We did everything we possibly could to care for her, but unfortunately in the end, it just wasn’t enough.”

When teething caused the little elephant to stop eating, the decision was made to insert a feeding tube so keepers and veterinary staff could provide her with the necessary nutrients and vitamins her body needed. While initially the calf responded well to the feeding tube, her weight did not pick up consistently. The humane decision to euthanize the calf was made and she passed away peacefully surrounded by her family of dedicated keepers.
The Zoo wishes to thank all those who have expressed their support, prayers, and well wishes for the little calf over the past several months

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Supporters react to  Pittsburgh Zoo Elephant Calf Has Passed Away

Sara Rodriguez I support the zoo and their efforts, but in this case I think the calf should have been giving more time to determine if she could recover from the weight loss or no.

The baby didn't pass away…..you people killed the baby because she was a premie and needed extra time to get caught up!!!! Instead of being patient, compassionate, caring and loving you took an innocent life for no reason.

My daughter was 2 months early and weighed 2 lbs, I fought foe her, loved her and didn't give up on her, unfortunately the baby elephant didn't get that from zoo staff. Shame on you

Kelly Marie Soo there are a lot of human babies underweight according to growth charts, who don't like eating when they're teething. Should they have a feeding tube inserted and be killed when they don't respond well to an invasive surgery? Just leave the baby with its mama and let it do what's natural! Now you put the mama elephant through the hardship of being bred and pregnancy and delivery, and now you killed her baby knowing how emotional elephants are.

Mercedes Aldrige This is devastating. One could say they should've never bred the mom in the first place, one could say they didn't try hard enough, one could ask was she costing to much to try harder, did they feed her enough, did they this that and the other thing. No matter it's was done and it's tragic! Let's pray everyone learned something from this and it won't happen again. But Big Game Hunters are worse and those horrible people should be jailed not the Pittsburgh Zoo where these animals are given the best care they can be given. And now PETA will open their horrible mouths. And the fact is PETA kills animals!

William Lloyd Blair It always amazes me when a Zoo posts something tragic about an animal in their care; the number of people who can't WAIT to jump in with their two cents about what the Zoo should have done… Why didn't they do this, why did they do that, they shouldn't be taking care of animals, etc…

Folks who are apparently not only internet experts in the field of animal husbandry, but also possessing such impeccable bedside and grief counseling… After all, nothing helps with the grief process more than accusing the bereaved of not doing all they could for the deceased…

Seriously, folks, if you had a loved one pass away, would the first thing you want is have everyone queue up and tell you what you should have done? 

There were folks who were accusing the Zoo of malfeasance within minutes of their posting the sad news… Was that really necessary?

"I'm so very sorry for your loss"… It's quite easy to type, and if you care about animals, it's all that needs to be said at this time… And if that's just TOO much for you to bear, saying nothing is always an option…


We’ve set up an online memory to honor little elephant calf: Here

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