Philadelphia Eagles Fans Overtake Jerry’s World After Demolishing Cowboys

Philadelphia Eagles Fans Overtake Jerry’s World After Demolishing Cowboys

No, despite how it looks, this is not an Eagles home game. This is in fact the home of Eagles biggest rival, the Dallas Cowboys.


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Viewers reacted:

Latoya Smith I would respect it more if they beat us with all our key players. Buuuuttt,, they didn't. Lol. We'll see when we play them again. Everybody will be back then.

Greg Hudson Jerry World seats 80,000 plus another 15,000 can stand in the party decks. I doubt 70 eagles fans is considered "taking over" AT&T Stadium.

James Daugherty Jr Eagles won the NFL Championship in 1948, 1949, and 1960. Yes, they were a long time ago – so was the last Dallas Championship. We just don't live in the past the way they do. Oh, and that 1960 team? That was the only team that ever beat Vince Lombardi in a Championship game.

Charlie Boudreau You know what's funny is all the Cowboys talking about "rings"…. you know who says that? Losers. Fucking losers says that….. and I hate the Eagles. But shit cowboy fans, take off your period panties and own up to the fact you won't do shit this year

Bazza V Duck You won't be dancing in February when the Patriots beat you again in the Super Bowl! You haven't played a good team all year get over it!

Corey Walkerbait Iwachiw Don’t let this Post distract you from the fact that the Cowboys blew a 9-7 lead at Halftime which lead to 30 Unanswered Points And An Ass Kicking by The Philadelphia Eagles 

Javier Rodriguez They some pussy ass niggas when they started walking towards their vehicles and realized no other Philly fans were around. Putos.

Randy Gildon Different game same story. Jerry’s world will never have a home field advantage. Too many seats. Bears, 49ers, packers and broncos fans do the same when they play there

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Jason McCabe Don't let this distract you from the fact The Munchkin actors' antics on The Wizard of Oz were, frankly, bizarre. It's said they engaged in agressively drunken behavior, gambling, and orgies at the Culver Hotel where they were staying. The police were called several times, and one crew member referred to the group as "pimps, hookers, and gamblers."

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