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Pennsylvania Zoos and Animal Attractions

Taj :(excitedly)  Mom! Dad!  Did you see that are friends were back today?
April:  Yes hon.  It was good to see them!
Oliver: Yes, I did notice that they tuned in!
Taj :  I was nice today!  I did not play as many games as I usually did!
Oliver:  That was a good boy son!
April:  I am proud of you Baby G!
Taj :  Do you think they noticed how much I have grown?
April: I am sure they did.
Taj :  I am almost as tall as you mom!
April: (chuckling)  What makes you think that son?
Taj : Well, (thinking) I have to bend over to get to the milk bar now, and um I can almost see over your back, and I can see your hoo ha…..
April:  Baby G!  Just WHERE did you learn the word hoo ha?!
Taj :  Dad told me about it!
April: OLIVER! Just what HAVE you been telling our son?
Oliver:  Calm down April.  Baby G was complaining his head hurt and I explained how he landed on it the day he was born.
Taj : Yea mom, Why couldn't I have been born later?  If I had been born today I would not have fallen on my head?  I could of just reached out and touched the ground?
April:  Hon, it just doesn't quite work that way.  You don't get born standing up.  You have to learn to stand.
Taj : (disappointed) OH!  These bumps on my head is sure taking a long time to go away and my head still hurts!
Oliver:  Those bumps are the start of your Ossicones son.  When you are full grown you can use them to fight other giraffes!
Taj :  You mean I will be a fighter>
Oliver:  Not necessarily, but if you do get into a fight, you use your ossicones to help defend yourself.  It is all part of being a giraffe.
April:  We just want you to grow up big and strong son.  I doubt if you will ever live in a place where you will need to fight.

                                                                  Pennsylvania zoos and animal attractions

                                                                                          April and Taj
Taj :  I am getting big and strong mama!  I am getting bigger every day!  Mr. Jordan keeps weighing and measuring me to make sure!
Taj :  I am so glad our friends were back to see us today!  It made me so happy!  
April: It made your dad and me happy as well.
Taj : Auntie Allysa told me that our friends will be able to visit us EVERY Tuesday!
Oliver: That is right son.  It is great to know that they will be with us again. 
Taj : I am so excited!  Tuesday is now going to be my favorite day!
April: Mine too honey.
Taj : Mom, do you think Mr Jordan will build me a window at my height?  I want to look outside too!
April: Hon, soon we will be going outside all day and you won't need a window.  Besides as fast as you are growing, Mr. Jordan doesn't know how high to put your window.
Oliver: I suppose you could ask him.
Taj :  Maybe I will ask Auntie Allysa.  She loves me and gives me whatever I want.  
Mom, I am getting sleepy.  I stayed in front of the camera too long without hiding.  I going to go take a nap now.
April: Sweet dreams son.

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