Packers Fan Needed 41 Stitches After Losing Fight To Actual Bear In Florida

Packers fans and Bears fans have one of the most intense rivalries in history, but the rivalry doesn’t ever take place in Naples, Florida.

Well, expect for this particular Green Bay Packers fan.

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According to a report from, Andrew Meunier, a Packers fan in Naples, Florida, was attacked by a large bear while walking his dog:

Andrew Meunier was letting his dogs outside when a large bear attacked him. His 7-year-old daughter was asleep inside the apartment.

Meunier says he let his dog out around 11 p.m. when he walked outside and saw a 4-foot bear standing next to him.

“I came outside and he was right there, and I tried to run but it wasn’t fast enough,” Meunier said.

He said he struggled to get away, but managed to get back through his front door.

“I’m just happy to be alive it could’ve been a totally different story,” he said.

Meunier suffered a minor facial laceration that forced him to get 41 stitches. The report also noted it was the first bear attack in South Florida since 1970.

Viewers reacted:

Mark Salazar “That bear woulda needed 41 stitches if he fought Lonzo”-LaVar Ball

Gedalyah Chaim Reback Packers fans should probably get used to losing to the Bears if they don't start surrounding Aaron Rodgers with talent and Trubisky on the rise.

Brayden Cunningham Why you guys find this funny? Like I get the jokes of the teams playing each other but this dude could have died.

Matthew Danner What’s the Bear’s condition, you can’t assume this guy lost… that Bear could be fucked up for all we know

Eric Bolyn And the Bears will win the NFC north in three years and lose in the first round of the playoffs. You heard it here first folks

Tyler O'Connor He’s wearing a Packers shirt with Dolphins sandals. The bear was just knocking some sense into him

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