Oliver Meets Tajiri – Giraffe Reunion

Oliver Meets Tajiri – Giraffe Reunion

Watch our giraffe family encounter that occurred this morning! April, Oliver and Tajiri all interacted very well together and we are so excited to share this with you!

April the Giraffe Family


Supporters react to Oliver Meets Tajiri – Giraffe Reunion

Kris Bush YEAH!!! I have been waiting to see how this goes. I am SO glad it was successful and no issues. I hope Ollie continues to "play nice"
Looking forward to seeing footage of the first meet 

Kim Michaels Sweeney I love this little family! So amazing seeing them together. Looks like maybe another baby?

Carol Ford How great is this, just brought tears to my eyes, they were all together how great, Thank you Jordan for sharing this with all of us

Eva Buell Thank you Jordan been waiting a long time for this for them to be all together as a family April and Oliver had my heart from the start and then come Taj.So I would like to say a big thank you to everyone that take care of all the animals and sharing everything with us

Rosie Senador So happy the family is together and what a lovely picture of the giraffes. I hope Oliver continues to play nice with Taj. Thank you Jordan and AAP family for sharing this wonderful news with us.

Charlotte Robinson Boehm This is great news! So glad this went well!!! Jordan you are great with your animals!! Thank you for the pictures of the meeting! Your park and especially your giraffes have become very special to me. This summer I took the 11 hour trip to visit and loved it all!! Thank you for letting us be a part of your park and especially your giraffe family

Joan Gentile That's great!! I'm glad they are finally together. They are an adorable giraffe family! So cute together!! Oliver didn't look like he even cared that Taj was there. He didn't do anything at all. All he cares about was April. Lol. Too funny!! Thank you, AAP, for sharing this video with us. I appreciate it!! I have been watching April and Oliver, since February of this year, when the giraffe cam started. It was amazing seeing April give birth to Taj. I have never seen that before. They are all beautiful animals!! I love seeing them!

Jean Eborg It was said that the stud can smell the urine and know if she's in heat of 
Becoming sexual .so Oliver went straight to the smell. I'm hoping APril does not end up pregnant again soon. She has been through a lot already for her age !

ALison Barton Amazing! The tension must have been incredible. To see all three together after all this time is the icing on the cake. Thank you so much Jordan and staff for sharing this precious moment with us!

Rosemary Loveland This was wonderful! I think u should keep the camera up in pen we may be watching baby cam again from the looks of Oliver and April's interactions! Thank you for sharing!

Susan Chiampas Success was surely due to Jordan and his amazing crew for not rushing these beautiful animals and letting them get to know each other privately indoors over these last months. Kudos team!

Carolyn Jirele Thank you, so much, for showing this. Taj did look like he didn't know where to go or what to do, but what a wonderful thing to see the 3 of them together, finally. You guys are awesome and thank you for all you've done for all of us. Amazing.

Jeanne Starr That was fabulous to watch, he has interacted with him a lot but through the fence it was nice to see he did well next to him. Oliver does seem to have a one track mind, typical male.


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