Noon Update on Fiona the Hippo: Fiona Gives a Little Wave To Her Fans

Noon Update on Fiona the Hippo

Turn your sound on for this one. It looks like Fiona gives a little wave to her fans. Keep in mind that temperatures must be 50 degrees or above with sunny skies for hippos to be outside. (this is at the keeper’s discretion & could change without notice)


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Supporters reacted to Noon Update on Fiona the Hippo

Dawn Boyd She has got to be the cutest little thing on the planet! She’s doing synchronized swimming and waving at her fans.

Linda Cobb You are just so cute, how do the hippos do when that can't go outside, do restless being in through the winter?

Tom Davis That is Awesome, a Ballerina outfit would look great on her

Lindy Danes Fiona has us all wrapped around her short stumpy leg. And that's okay. Love Fiona. Forever Fiona.

Janet M. Sanville She seriously just makes me smile ! I wish I lived closer so I could come see her 

Karen Vincent I know it must just make the staff burst with pride to see how great this baby is doing. You should be very proud of your hard work – it was so worth it!

Terri Chee Have you considered making Fiona's swim a phone "live" background app? Does that make sense? How awesome would it be to see Fiona swim around on my phone when it's locked

Terrie Reeves Ive been watching Fiona sice she was born and love her and her antics
She was on the breakfast news show yesterday and thry loved her….hopefully she will get a cult following in Australia 

Jennifer Johnson In comparison to other baby hippos (as this is the first one I've followed) is Fiona the most playful captive baby hippo?

Wanda Mott Doak Fiona is so playful and gorgeous! She was mentioned on Kathie Lee and Hoda yesterday. Apparently this guy proposed to his girlfriend in front of Fiona's home. It seems Fiona was in every picture he took of himself and his new fiancee! Fiona sure has a lot of personality

Jacqueline Capucine Isn't that person a little apprehensive walking under water wth the big hippos?

Okay, Fiona has been handled by humans since birth.. though, the huge hippos when they open their mouth ,it is spooky! It's so large and wide…
Was that a reflection in the glass?

Heather Eleanor I think Bibi is the hippo that used to swim laps here in St. Louis. Since she moved and fell in love with Henry, the other three (female) hippos haven't decided who is the dominant one.

Susan Weis I think our girl got some sugar in her food today. Seriously I know everybody is so thankful that princess Fiona beat the odds with the help from her keepers, and the love & prayers from all of her fans.

Kathy Hall "Fiona, Fiona, faster than lighting! No one you see is smarter than she. . ." (to the tune of the "Flipper" TV show theme)

Marianne Weitzmann She's getting so fast and strong! Its like her hind legs just propels her into super power speed. There's def some whale in her. And she's getting bigger but still as cute as ever.

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