The Weather At Patriots Practice Today Looks Absolutley Insane

The Patriots are currently practicing in this…

Viewers reacted:

Robnoxious Hannah Thats not a storm. Thats bill testing out his new weather machine to cheat. Common now.

Matt Ladiana Sounds like god isn’t a Pats fan to me.

Frankie Merrick Even more awkward, as an Arizona fan, his son is on the team too in the middle of that shit. I had nothing but respect for Rich Rod, but even if his lawsuits are thrown out, going out on your wife is pathetic. Subjecting your family to that situation is just pitiful. 

Claire Louise Allatt Says a lot a guy uses his position to sexually harass female employees, cover up for his indiscretions and generally be a twat and all the comments act like he is some hero

Alex Blackburn What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Can we just make claims, and expect everyone to believe them, and punishment to be handed out without proof?

Douglas Rokitka Jr. Looks like Buffalo on a tuesday.

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