NFL Superbowl Memes Funny 2018

NFL superbowl memes

Foles made it to the top.


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Duron Harmon catches the deflection off Jeffery for the interception

Rex Burkhead blasts down the middle for a 47-yard gain

Pick your poison…

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Happy Groundhog Day!

The Cowboys would OBLITERATE a Groundhog if they ever played one.

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NFL superbowl memes

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Your Super Bowl LII QB matchup

Tom Brady has starred in an episode of Family Guy.

Indianapolis Colts To Hire Patriots OC Josh McDaniels After The Super Bowl 

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Is the NFL season rigged?

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Viewers reacted NFL superbowl memes:

Charlene Vogt Gerbig And the Pats will win…you forgot a few stats and made errors

Brady has 5 SB champ rings
Foles. Yeah. None

Brady is barely 40. 

Since Brady became their starting quarterback in 2001, the Patriots have never had a losing season and have won 14 division titles. The Patriots played in 12 AFC Championship Games from 2001 to 2017—including 7 in a row from 2011 to 2017—and won 8 of them.

Zacary Mathew Tom Brady is married to a super model, owns a castle for a house, threw 50 TD’s in one season, has 5 super bowl rings

Israel Pallares One of them has 5 rings ALONE while the other plays for a franchise that's NEVER won a SB. Let that sink in…

Dan Sandino All the butt hurt patriots fans mad cause somebody dare make a joke about their cheating team…. it’s called satire, look it up. Now go back to eating your chowder and shut the heck up.

Eric Raymond I don't understand why Alaska is so cold. It's way below California and Arizona and I know those are warm places. Closer to the equator should mean hotter!

Aaron Linde This will be the 1st Superbowl Indont watch. 1st because the Pats have the refs in their pocket, and second because eagles fans are not even actually people

Alfredo Rivera Don’t include New Mexico in that Cowboys bullshit. Most of us are like “Fu€# the Cowboys, but also fu€# the Patriots”… don’t place that evil on us. I’m a Packers fan but I’m screaming Fly Eagles Fly!

Jim Bob Yeah! I can't believe that one call that happened from the refs that rigged the game for Philly that allowed them to score 38 unanswered points.

Josh Davidson I love how Patriot fans pretend like spygate and deflategate never happened. Yes the Patriots will aways have an * next to them because of their cheating past.

Sean Dixon Won’t be long until this god awful dynasty shit is over… Brady retires, Bill moves on and this team goes back to the same sacks of shit they were before 2001…. happens to everyone eventually… ask the cowboys…

Tim Riley I'm a pats fan ..and I have to admit, even I'M getting sick of seeing the Patriots win all the time. Come on Pats …let the "shitty" teams win once in a while. (Note:this is sarcasm) for Aaron

Jess Clausnitzer Just so you cry babies remember: 
2010: Broncos caught video taping 49ers walk through
Jets coach knees player on punt team during play
2011: Giants admitting to faking injuries. Saints are involved in bountygate. 
2013:Coach Mike Tomlin interferes will ravens player returning a punt several yard on the field of play. 
2016: Falcons lose draft picks for pumping fake crowd noise in stadium during game action
Seahawks lose draft pick for multiple training camp violations. 
Seahawks violate concussion protocol by allowing Wilson back into game without evaluation. 
Dolphins violate concussion Protocol by allowing player back into game without evaluation. 

And that’s just off the top my head. You people cry because your team sucks and it easier to say cheaters than realize you team just isn’t as good. Keep hating. Brady and co will keep collecting trophies!

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