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The two biggest betrayals in American history..the Verizon guy and James Harrison..never forget can you hear me now ?


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Nfl memes today

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Justin Santacruz Or when X is wide open and you press X and every DB within 20 yards runs to the receiver and deflects/intercepts the ball

Eemaan Khwaja When everyone expects you to play like 1st overall pick and forgot you’re a fourth rounder

Marc-André Brochu Happens all the time when you switch from Playstation to Xbox. The fact that hey had 26 fucking letter to choose from but they both have different X button is beyond me…

Joshua Shamai I hope the Pats play the Steelers in the AFC Championship game, and hope Harrison sacks Rapistburger at least 5 times.

Cash Pentz The Steelers will still destroy the weak ass patriots Harrison will sit his old ass on the bench no matter who he plays for

Martin Paul Game on the line….
Pitt vs pats afc championship game.
Pitt driving goal line play. Harrison let's Bell score. Looks at Tomlin. "Winks" as planned.

Anthony Place He wanted to leave. Not like Tomlin woke up one morning and was like let’s cut Harrison for a roster change.. Harrison planned this and for that fuck him. Steelers saved his career twice. Harrison is a beast in the locker room, he’s also a one trick pony.

Jack Thomas Hopefully this will play out like that storyline actually played out and the whole thing is a double-cross to help the Steelers (Stone Cold Steve Austin) win

Anthony D'Amato Plot twist: he’s a double agent, gave them a flawed playbook, is secretly reporting back to the Steelers and this goes down in nfl history as the only time old bill gets out witted

Erik Parrales There's always that chance that Dez drops it. So i can understand Dak taking a chance by throwing it into double coverage

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