NFL Announces Goodell’s Last Day As Commish

After much debate among NFL owners, commissioner Roger Goodell finally received his contract extension last week, and new details of the deal have emerged from the annual NFL owners meetings.

The finalized extension is heavy on bonus incentives, which hasn’t always been the case. According to, NFL spokesman Joe Lockhart confirmed Goodell’s new five-year contract extension could be worth as much as $200 million.

However, the contract is not guaranteed money, as it puts almost 90% of Goodell’s pay in performance-based incentives, which means his performance has to be evaluated and approved by owners in order for Goodell to receive the full payout.

“All the owners had the opportunity to weigh in. I think it’s worth noting that the commissioner’s contract and the extension has been talked about at every league meeting this year,” Lockhart said. “Most of the owners will have some involvement in the oversight as we look at these things over the next seven years.”

Lockhart also indicated that Goodell intends for this to be his final contract, which will take him through the 2023 season, and he will help bring in his successor.

“The commissioner has been clear that he views this as his last contract and will allow him to both deal with some of the important issues that we know are on the horizon — the CBA, our network partners — and it’ll also allow him to spend a significant amount of time not only at his level but among his executives working on succession,” Lockhart said.

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Viewers reacted:

Gary Depp Don’t click-bait us like this. He isn’t leaving until 2023, so it’s not like he got fired and is dragging ass to the unemployment line.

Tony Rubbo Who ever is posting this crap is piss poor. It makes me want to start my own boycott page. All bait posts. If you truly gave a Shit you'd concentrate on educating the group to boycott sponsors instead of sensationalism that does nothing 

Doug Meister Very poor leadership. The league will never recover from this man's poor leadership. I hope they lose 1 billion this season.

James J Mankoski So, a 5 year contract extension ripe with bonus payments for meeting various performance conditions. If i were the NFL team owners, I wouldn't offer a 5 year contact to a failing executive. Boycott the NFL for my vote

Bonnie Emberton-Embry Very poor Leadership, hope u don't have any Children,Teen, young adults. Karma will get you. U R not above the man upstairs. Maybe someday you will have to get on ur knee ask the man forgiveness. BOYCOTT

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