Trump Wants All Anthem-Kneeling NFL Thugs To See This 1 Picture

President Donald Trump wants NFL players who kneel during the national anthem to see a tweeted photo of a woman lying next to her husband’s grave in a military cemetery, he said Thursday.

How exactly the powerful Sept. 16 photo ended up on the president’s Twitter feed is unclear, but he immediately endorsed it.

Trump has made repeated calls since October for NFL players to stand during the national anthem. The kneeling protests were first propelled by former quarterback Colin Kaepernick who wanted to protest violence against black citizens by police officers.

Trump has suggested the NFL change its rules to bar kneeling and has encouraged team owners to fire kneeling players.

Viewers reacted:

Rodney Koenig Over paid gutter rats. I bet not one of them can go through Navy SEALS boot camp. That bell would ring all day long.

Don Blunt F ing ni all need to be drafted and forced to defend our freedom . Anyone who took a knee . And if they don't use them as a target in basic for training with their weapons.

Richard Lempke Continue to boycott the National Felons League and there sponsors till they are bankrupt! This is the greatest disrespect to them!

Jack Mulvihill They're nothing but rotten thugs! You can show them a million pics of our fallen and the loss and pain their families experience! And they'll still kneel because they have no soul!!!!!!


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